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In the beginning of my progression work, most of my inner work was focused on the apt reconstruction of the holographic-energetic network behind the physical brain, i.e., from the electrochemical structural and neurotypical configuration[1] into the holographic-energetic neural network architecture, allowing it to function and perceive within the holographic-energetic reality constructions.

To gain that ability I had to develop new energetic-explorative psychodynamic techniques to reach new forms of electrochemical alteration processes, from which I could transform the, of this life and previous lives, activated as well as dormant emotional energy patterns and cognitive schemata as they presented themselves in my contemplative and meditative inner work. This type of work takes place within the 3 lower (mental, emotional, and bio-codes) and higher order holographic-energetic architecture connected to this body. I have explained most of the higher order progression work sciences in the HAL Academy course material.

The goal of the contemplative and meditative inner work is to change the typical synaptic electrochemical neural network via the psychodynamic and psychic-energetic transformative work within the current life emotional-behavioral patterns and mental inner-outer perception processes which, to a large extent, generate the conscious and subconscious currents of our everyday processes, perception of self, others, and reality.

Now, this sounds very complex and scientific compared to the old spiritual teaching systems that worked in a different way with the energetic content of our subtle energetic fields. However, these systems have their limitations, as do the modern sciences of the brain, our perception of the psyche and the human biology.

At some point these systems have no further developmental potential and consequently reach their theoretical and practical boundaries which all systems of thought, operating within rigid frameworks, have as an inbuilt condition.

The HAL Perception Logs 1-6

In the HAL Perception Logs, I share experiences, insights and what I know from the work on the timelines and from the encounters, I have had, to find the answers to most of the questions about our journey as solar system humans. 

The Logs go into the past, present and futures to find the answers and what the outcome might be. They are to be seen as an update to the 6 HAL Books, as well as give insights to the new levels of information, as part of the 2025 timeline work.

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