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Time to Learn the New Reality Sciences

The HAL New Reality Material

There are some basic steps that must be taken to learn the HAL New Reality Science Material and how to implement it....

Creating New Perceptions...

By studying the HAL New Science Courses, you get new frames of reference to work within to truly grasp the implications and the depth of the energy and clearing work.

Clearing Work is Key...

The clearing work must be part of a daily routine. It takes time to learn, since we work with the holographic radiation-vibration energy units, original to our system.

Learning New Concepts...

It is time to learn new ways of working with energy. The Progression Work is not spirituality - its the sciences of how to activate the higher order systemic consciousness.

The Implementation...

Implementing what you have learned into a new set of skills, takes time. And to add to that, the new skill sets must become part of your everyday lifestyle.

The HAL New Reality Sciences Build Up

The HAL New Reality Sciences text and video material is built up in a step-ladder manner to develop the ability to discern between different states of perception, different reality concepts and developmental programs. The information, and how we work with it to change our reality and what it means to be human, supports the work with our processes of regaining our higher order consciousness structure.


We live in a world where the reality field reset dynamics are manifested into different collapses of known functional societal, economic and environmental systems, overall changes in the human neurobiology, with break-down of psychological processes and loss of self-adjustment mechanisms, where the general approach to solve the challenges at hand either focus on a joint effort to solve the issues, or choose to riot and segregate in earlier consciousness states of warring humanoid gene codes and disrupted rules of engagement.


As we modify our energy system, clear the distorted gene codes, and clear the connection points to dysfunctional holographic code streams, connected to earlier failed or destroyed progression cycles in our system and beyond, our original configuration demands “proof” of our ability to work with energy and consciousness again.


The Outer Domains have always been the last stage to master what we were and change it into what we could become. In the outer domain, we can do the turn-around, shift position in reality configuration and then shed off the old configuration. In the denser energies, it is possible to rebuild our energy system, progress it in a slower pace to match the requirements of the worlds, we want to go to.


The HAL New Reality Sciences Courses & Material are part of that transition process.

The Courses

 Each HAL New Sciences Course consists of text & podcasts - uploaded into a Private Group on Vimeo -  plus communication with me. 

Study Whenever

You study in your pace and when it suits you.

The HAL New Sciences Material is available at all hours.

PDF & Podcasts

You Learn the HAL New Sciences Course Material via PDF and Podcasts, teaching the Concepts in Theory and via Practical Exercises.

A Different Perspective on Reality

What is the process of activation into a higher perception? How can we work with the inner-outer human axis to gain access to our full potentials and still be a good citizen in the futures to come? 

Introduction to the New Reality Setup 1

The learning process of the higher order sciences is not a linear learning process. It is an holographic-energetic state of perception.

Introduction to the New Reality Setup 2

Studying the higher order sciences is different from the general educations and sciences. It unfolds across many layers of perception.

Get Started with the Matrix of Change

It must be understood, that the current reality setup is an addition, a downgraded version, of the real reality.

Governance in Holographic Realities

In the Holographic Realities, governance is not only a matter of the Councils - it is just as much a personal responsibility.

How to Do This?

You learn via the HAL New Sciences Course Material. Each Course consists of text material, podcasts and Q&As where you can ask the in-depth questions to the material and I will assist you in getting further in your learning processes with special tailored answers meant for you and your process.

You study in your own pace. I will send the material to you and get you connected to Vimeo. If you are in need of support, please connect to me and I will guide you on the how-to.

You Learn the HAL New Sciences Course Material via PDF and Podcasts, Teaching the Concepts in Theory and via Practical Exercises. All HAL Academy Courses have inbuilt personal contact and Q&As.

All HAL New Sciences Material has the Option of extra Personal Sessions and Mentoring via the HAL Psychic-Energetic Counselling.

We communicate over the Internet, via Skype or Email.

You sign up by paying the fee for each course via HAL Academy Webshop

When PayPal, Stripe or your bank (if you choose bank transfer) has notified me, you get a welcome email from me, giving the details of how to get access to the podcasts on Vimeo, along with the course material.

Any Questions to the HAL Academy Courses?

Please write me an email, if you have questions to the HAL New Sciences Courses or the HAL Academy.