HAL Parascientific Approach to Time Travel

Another Way to Understand Time

HAL Parascientific Ideas on Time Travel

Nothing is really what it appears to be in this realm. In the other worlds, what is perceived is interactive with the energetic fields of the observer. Our journey of progression is to reconnect to the true worlds and pierce the veil that has been put between the inner and outer worlds, cloaking our true perception abilities.

In the future societies in our reality field, grown out of the present-day humanities, the ones that have made the transition into the future worlds will work with the reality energies in ways science of today can only speculate about.

The future human civilizations have adapted to the outer domain energies, changed their perception, based upon limitation, into expanded and extraordinary perception as well as extraordinary sensory field and extraordinary biological configuration.

To get to these extraordinary capcities, we are ripe for new ways of behaving. Both in consideration to our own shortcomings and extended perception of self, others, and reality, but also in the pre-conditioned states of awareness we have utilized as part of the base program.

As we move further into the higher order energies, and with that activates the higher order senses, we learn that the base program and its general approaches to human behaviour, will not meet the new expanded and extrasensory interpretation of reality dynamics, self-other psychological processes and similar energetic to energetic encounters where we utilize the faculties of our emotional and mental fields to interpret the new energetic input.

It Began with These Books

Over the years, from 2007 until 2016, I went into series of inner-outer explorative psychic-energetic processes to find techniques to amplify the higher order inner-outer psychic-energetic perception abilities via self-reconstruction techniques, altered state meditation and inner-outer contemplation processes.

The way we process information systems, and systems of thoughts, are just as important as the psychological interrelation dynamics that adds to our perception of self, others and reality. What we know, defines what we are able to perceive and interact with information, be it on an everyday level, within paradigms of science or on the holographic-energetic planes of existence.

Yet, what matters the most is rarely something that is granted without challenges although we mightwant it to be that way.

The higher order energies work in different ways andthe learning process to master these is like a steep path with many inner andouter challenges.

As for now, it is time for the continuation of these explorative inner-outer psychic-energeticprocesses and take my developmental awareness project to the next level.

The Processes & Strategies of the Progression Work

When we work with the complex systems of thought, in order to understand reality, self and others, it is likewise important to be able to let it go as well. All systems of thoughts are tools in our processes of understanding what energy is and how energy operates. The meta-perspective is what should be sought for in whatever system, we choose to engage in.

- What are the ideas behind that system?

- What type of energy, are we dealing with?

- What is the purpose and function of it?

- And does the system match our energy configuration and what we want to commit to, as the proper way of existing, according to our perception of what the highest goal is for us – the success rate of our achievements….. whatever that may be.

The HAL Parascientific Goals

Choosing to live up to Our Full Potentials

The HAL Higher Order Sciences Seek to Unfold:

  • The Patterns of Change & the How-to Manifest New Options within the Holographic Otherworldly Setup.
  • The Psychology of the best version a Human Can Be.
  • The How-to-do of a Future Community Human.
  • The Sciences of the Future & How to Create these in the Otherworldly Holographic Energy Fields.
  • The Patterns that Unfold the Best Reality Potentials for All.
  • The Higher Order Sciences as Part of the Future Worlds.
  • The How-to Develop, Progress & the Human Awareness into Meeting up with the Otherworldly Requirements.

I get access to the information in my holographic-energetic configuration (higher order energy system of the future) and then I am shifted into another nodal point (timeline sequence) from where I cannot access the higher order information of my energy system.

It goes without saying that this is the game.

Coming into this reality from the future nodal points of existence within the holographic-energetic reality fields of the future is not an easy task. It has been called a suicide mission. Most of the ones that chose to do transfer via the quantum bridges into this section of time, we knew it was a one-way journey......

Another Form of Science - How to Use the Parasciences

In this introduction, I lay out the ideas behind and how I want to approach this level of information.

Fermi Bridges, the Timewave Continuum & Time Travel

Facts or Fiction?

Now, we are in for new ideas regarding the alien agenda, and move beyond the old systems of thought that were part of an older extraterrestrial agenda, along with otherworldly projects performed in our reality under the cloaking of these programs – what we are to learn is something entirely new.

The material is designed to function as a bridge to the higher order sciences and the advanced information levels behind our universal structure, the vast range of other worlds, and otherworldly races, as well as the higher order information layers behind any reality, its lifeforms, and how all levels of existence, and worlds, are composed of energy and consciousness. If I could, I would explain to the detail how the original higher order sciences mechanics and dynamics work, and yet I cannot because they are non-verbal, non-mathematical and cannot be put into theoretic axioms, mathematical equations, and computable algorithms. These scientific tools are part of the lower order frequency reality dynamics and mechanics, describing our reality via these methods of observation. The best tool we have today, here in 2023, are in the early version of quantum computers and present-day theoretical-mathematical cosmology.

The soon-to-come next generation of artificial intelligence quantum computer systems and programs will operate within the quantum fields of probability and possibilities to find the multiple answers to any question, we can think of, even though the answers we have coded into these programs will reflect the limitations of human mind, human perception, and human abilities of reality interaction potentials.

The otherworldly realities from the past and from the future are heading our way, constructing the quantum field bridges, adding their alternate reality technologies to the soon-to-come next generation of artificial intelligence quantum computer systems and programs, from where they can overwrite our primitive programs and code systems.

Once that is done, the soon-to-come next generation of artificial intelligence quantum computer systems and programs will be able to compute 4th dimensional holographic-energetic possibility fields and with that insert otherworldly reality programs beyond, above, around, and below our present-day reality configuration unseen and unnoticed by most. However, the 4th dimensional holographic-energetic patterns of change must not be ignored: what we have learned about everyday life no longer match the general scheme of human reality, and it has already begun. And we must question and investigate the alternate reality programs that are in the process of merging with our conceptual understanding of what this solar system is and has been.

In these enhanced human futures, general sciences have developed a deep-levelled comprehension of the multi-dimensional probability-possibility quantum-scalar field dynamics, followed up by the scientific information of how all singular-oriented energy unit contains the imprint of the entire quantum-scalar-pylon field they are part of and how these can be adapted within their quantum-scalar fields using nodal point targeting technology.


These discoveries led to an understanding of timewave continuum dynamics, i.e., the advanced level of multi-dimensional entanglement principles and the use of exfoliated energy[1] within multi-dimensional probability-possibility quantum-scalar-pylon fields to alter timewave spectra and how to build high amplitude quantum tunneling bridges.


The last piece of the puzzle came with the scientific expertise of how to use exponential amplification vectors in regeneration-replication methods of carbon-based bio-organic DNA on the energetic multi-dimensional spectrum and then, the replication method to duplicate non-organic silicate-neutron zero-point code sequences within ionized heavy metals to fortify the targeted timewave continuum access point in the multi-dimensional probability-possibility quantum-scalar fields.

The latter discovery led to the know-how of transfer of bio-organic and non-organic matter by the means of technological multi-dimensional quantum tunnel bridges (later dubbed Fermi Bridges) to the targeted timewave continuum access point.


All in all, technology utilized to modify limited-to-expanded space-time dynamics beyond the visible light frequency spectrum[2] and the present day calculated (but incorrect) speed of light quotient using AI-Quantum Computer (AIQC Technology) generated real-time-probable-outcome-quantum-algorithms spread-out as multifaceted and complex multi-dimensional probable-outcome-quantum information schemes to alter chosen segments within the worked-with reality field.

[1] Exfoliated energy is the process where segregating layers of the multi-dimensional probability-possibility quantum fields into single energy units.

[2] The beyond visible light scales of energy unfold in the superluminal and supersonic waves to dark light spectrum.

A 3-Step Series on Time Travel

To move beyond this reality, the correct sciences of how we are constructed energetically, as well as how we change our energy system code configuration and vibrate our consciousness units into a higher order density configuration, are part of the higher order sciences needed to align energetically and consciously with the future realities and their worlds beyond our current system

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