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The HAL Changemaker Material is aimed at people who are ready to take responsibility for their inside the base program lives, as well as taking the hard path to learn to transform energy and consciousness into the highest potentials, following the guidance of the higher order sciences or the HOPE Method (more on this later on).

The Project of Changing our World is for the ones, who are not afraid to let go of their lower order human ways and behaviours and who are willing to strive for, and integrate, the higher order human ways and capacities.

Only the engaged participant will break the barriers of the base program and achieve the higher order awareness, accomplished via their constant strive, resilience, inner work and the ongoing motivation to activate themselves, along with the willingness to face the hardship a choice of higher order existence entails of loses, turmoil and changes.

Arbitrary self-healing and information from outer sources only get the one, trying to alter his or her energy system, so far.

The actual information that will get anyone anywhere is the inner knowledge and a lived everyday life, governed by an inner drive to know and to learn from within. We can use the outer information to assure us of what we know, but in the end only what we know and remember from within will reconnect us to the higher order type of energy and consciousness units, we need in us to progress.

It is in the process of obtaining our inner knowledge and recalling who we are, the timeline work has its place. The true guiding star to the inner knowledge and the only true path to liberation stem from this inner work on the timelines connected to our heart field and its chiasm, enabling us to detect, clear and change the energies connected to us.  

Please.....Keep This in Mind

Learning the New Ways Take Time & Effort

Understanding the higher order sciences cannot be done in the manner, most are accustomed to. Instead….

  • We contemplate upon the information to integrate the higher & lower aspects of it.
  • We learn to activate the energy units of our brain and mental field according to what we have learned in meditation.
  • We continue to build new energetic spiral patterns from the information, we work with.
  • What we learn must be processed into energies of a higher order from where we can build a new energy system.

The learning process of the higher order sciences is not a linear learning exercise. It is a psychic-energetic state of awareness and the code systems behind whatever state of awareness, we have.

  • What we have knowledge of, defines our energy system.
  • What we have knowledge of, determines what we perceive.
  • The consciousness units are built from these two conditions.

Next Step is the Holographic Reality Work

To move beyond this reality, the correct sciences of what we truly are, how we are constructed energetically, as well as how we change our energy system code configuration and vibrate our consciousness units into a higher order middle domain configuration of our system are part of the higher order sciences needed to align energetically and consciously with the future realities and their worlds beyond our current system.

Obtaining the higher order sciences is to understand how to work with energy and how to transform the holographic code systems behind all lifeforms and systems of reality.

For changes to happen, people must change their ways. We have heard that many times. But what does that imply? What changes, psychologically speaking, do we have to do? In what manner and how much must be adapted into new perception of self, others and reality?

Learning the HAL Changemaker Ways of Thinking

We are in an altered-from-the-outside-environment, as it custom for all terrestrial systems carrying organic-energetic lifeforms living under the grand cycles of cosmic progression and evolution.

To be able to do the work required to survive the future ahead of us, we must change our perception of what realities are and of how organic life came to be in these realities.

So... Let Us Get Started with Some Simple Processes

In the timeline work now and onward, contrary to the simpler work outlined in the 2017 timeline material, it is of importance that we get skilled in discerning between the timelines from the original universal sectors, the original code streams from the Pillar Project and the outdated timelines from the timeline event, holding infected 3D-5D holographic code systems and warped genetics, as well as the later 4D non-useful regressed timelines under the hijacking races. We must learn to clear energies by vibrating up our heart field and evaporate non-useful genetics by the use of the radiation energies in our brain field.

Knowing Alone Does Not Lead to Changes in the World, Contrary to What Many Think

In this podcast I define what a HAL Changemaker is and what the purpose of this channel is. It is time to learn new ways of being human - and not in the manner most think still being stuck in the old ways of the OWO.

We transform the energies of the world...by transforming our own energy system.

Knowing What to Do With What you Know, is does Initiate the Process of Change, because then you have a Tool to Think with....

We need the ability to discriminate between the types of added fields and their genetics, in order to work correctly in our transformation and transmutation processes and in the work of figuring out how to reconnect to the true universal timelines, and in that redefine our individual path of evolution.

The Process of Finding Purpose Part 1

Any and all accessed level of inner perception and experiences have to involve a process of discernment. This inner investigation must focus on whether the technologies encountered belong to outdated prohibiting technologies, or the original developmental programs from the holographic worlds have been used the many failed projects in our sector. And only if we know how to use our true capacity of processing the inner information, can we navigate in the complexity of our reality.  

The Process of Finding Purpose Part 2

No matter what version of the systemic true of distroted developmental programs, we encounter, each and one of them offer a possibility of how to work correctly with the energies of our system.


In that way, we can find use of the distorted energies and infected genetics stored in the distorted programs to generate new higher order energies. All information is to be used as a process of rebuilding our original higher order energy system.

Continue with the HAL Changemaker Skill Set Courses

The HAL Changemaker Project Courses combine and elevate known concepts into a higher order system of thought in new profound ways to systemize what it means to be an expanded human, working under an alternate worldview governed by advanced psycho-energetic sciences and how we can cope with the new world as it unfolds around us.

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