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The HAL Perception Logs 1-6

In the HAL Perception Logs, I share experiences, insights and what I know from the work on the timelines and from the encounters, I have had, to find the answers to most of the questions about our journey as solar system humans. 

The Logs go into the past, present and futures to find the answers and what the outcome might be. They are to be seen as an update to the 6 HAL Books, as well as give insights to the new levels of information, as part of the 2025 timeline work.

To get to the higher awareness, I have to some degree explained variations of these challenges and the psychic-energetic dynamics needed to address the future challenges in my 6 books.

The most important books:

  • The Souls of Humanity,
  • Terralogy,
  • Modern History,
  • and the HAL Philosophy book.

The lesser important books:

  • Reconstruction of the Planetary Soul
  • Understanding of the Old Stellar Souls.

Furthermore, the content of these books has been integrated and updated into the HAL Academy material.

Here, in the HAL Perception Logs Sequences 1-6, I share the galactic history as I recall it.


Where did the division begin? What led to the timeline event, seen from a council perspective? And much more. Thoughts and processes are used to find the answers about this.


How do we self-adjust to the alien reality settings and the constant manipulation that is going on? Thoughts and ideas on the needed psychological structure, are shared.


Diving into the 2025 Timeline Explorer material, I work my through important concepts of mind-travel, otherdimensional work and the foundation for the work.


We continue the process of understanding the reality, we are part of and why things are as they are. In this Log, we look into the 2025 timeline and the future of us.


What is in the making on the 2025 timeline and the prospected future for humanity, our earth and us, doing the work? In this Log I talk about the Blend and much more.


With the knowledge of the other Logs, we can now look at the NGC Activation and Clean up stages in a new light. I work with what we already know, but from a new angle.

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The HAL Acadmey Material combines and elevates known concepts into a higher order system of thought in new profound ways to systemize what it means to be an expanded human, working under an alternate worldview governed by advanced psychic-energetic sciences and how we can cope with the new world as it unfolds around us.