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The HAL Psychic-Energetic Counselling

My work orbits around the fact, that humanity needs new paradigms of reality, of who we are and what our purpose is, as a terrestrial race.

I toil to find the solutions to our current situation as a race in amnesia, and what drives the process of activation and progression, ranging from the individual psychological progression dynamics to the large schematic transition dynamics within the present-day standards of reality perception.

The research begins within the accepted paradigms of general science and psychology, and then I lift what I find to be of most relevance for our human evolution into the higher order scientific, and parapsychological levels.

The ability to hold a double awareness within two sets of energies means to utilize the frequency based neural network and at the same time, also activating the psychic-energetic holographic radiation structural layers of the brain. With the double awareness, we are able to look into the many realms of our reality, and at the same time, translate this to everyday concepts and language so we can communicate what is observed.

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Want to Learn the Next Level of Who You Are?

Let us begin with some important ideas:

The individual challenges involve the work with the lower order fields and how we can clear these to get to the point, where we can rebuild our higher order constitution.

As long as we are trotting along in our human form, exercising our human will, mind and emotions, we will not get to the higher order levels in us.

The higher order levels of us contain the consciousness genetics, the original template and higher order energy system. These parts have been hidden from us.

We are to figure out how to reconnect to the true parts of us and then put in the needed work to activate them.

To get to where we can recreate all that we are, we must solve the puzzle of the in-the-way lower order fields, i.e., the electromagnetic controlled overlay of the bio-field and DNA, along with the emotional field and mental field that hold programming to fit us into the base program (aka the ISP).

The lower order fields are inserted to block the higher order energy system from connecting to our organic bio-field and allow our own code systems to unfold, leading us back to the density energies we also are able to process and integrate.

In the old progression worlds, there were no teachers of progression, since every human could - at all times - connect to the holographic teaching systems (the HTS) and there get the results of any choice to be made according to the Principles, the Rules and the Laws of that system, i.e., how the reality energies would work on the template in that type of density and reality, if we made that choice.

When it is Time, You Know It Is Time to Go Deeper

The HAL Psychic-Energetic Sessions & Coaching 

Changes take time and patience – we all know that – but mostly it takes strategy and the step-by-step approach, where each day is an opportunity for learning and progressing.

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The Moment You Wake Up.....

In essence, we have forgotten why we exist. We need to remember what life is about and why we are here. For now, we are all caught up in a lower order social world, a lower order work world and a lower order organic world held up by inner and outer seemingly important things.

All of which are distractions to make us lose sight of the real purpose of why we exist and do the human evolution.

Learning New Ways

We have much to learn about the new reality that is developing above, beyond, around, and below us. The patterns are clear: what we have learned was everyday life is no longer the prevailing scheme of human reality. At least not if we investigate the alternate reality that is in the process of merging with our conceptual understanding of what this solar system is and has been.

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