Pioneer or Neurodivergent?

Are You A Pioneer?

Or Neurodivergent?

Do We Know the Difference?






Have You Decided?

If you have listened to the videos, I made back in 2017, you will know that there is more to it than just an either or.

Those of us, that are part of the new reality programs, we doubt, we struggle and we try to fit in.

  • Are we the new normal?
  • Or are we just different?
  • Too sensitive for this world?
  • Too fragile to really be around other people?
  • Is it anxiety or is it something entirely else?

It´s like we have to surface from somewhere completely unknown to the rest of the world....right?

Hi There, Randi Green Here - Can I Be There for You?

Over the years, from 2007 until 2016, I went into explorative and psychic-energetic processes without any forms of mind-altering substances, to find new techniques to amplify my higher order psychic-energetic abilities.

I did so in self-reconstructive energy work, altered state meditation and deep contemplation processes reconstructed from the memories, I had of these, and adding this to my studies of the different techniques described and handed over in the ancient teaching systems.

Begin Your Journey Towards Higher Order Awareness

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