HOPE Sessions & PTP

The Higher Order Psychic-Energetic Method



It is important to see reality as a spectrum of intersecting systems.

Within that frame of reference, we understand that any and all systems interact with other similar systems, as in when one system, or sector, is affected, the others will be as well.

This takes pace via advanced feed-back loops, amplification vectors and the inbuilt affectability rates, i.e., the more a system relates to sections of one of the other systems, the larger the effect will be.

This means that any change in one system will affect and initiate changes, or a ripple effect, in the adjacent ones. 

We have forgotten these systemic dynamics in our reality governance We see everything from a local point of view and not from a systemic-energetic and global point of view, as part of a larger interactive system.

We need people who can to work with the holographic-dynamic reality models and from these generate new future possibilities for all.

The Higher Order Psychic-Energetic Method Goals

The HOPE Method & Goals provide information to the ones ready to develop their higher order reality perception from where we can instigate in-reality changes.

The HOPE Method & Goals support the progressive exploration of the human capacities and abilities, along with the understanding of how to develop existing skillsets into higher order skillsets. With this follows an understanding of the new realities unfolding around us.

The HOPE Method & Goals are generated as a helping tool in the human transition processes and with that, effectively take part in the transition process of humanity and our solar system back into its original reality foundation.

The Higher Order Psychic-Energetic Sessions

The HOPE Skype & Email Sessions and Personal Training Programs are aimed at specific work areas of the HAL Changemaker challenges in the personal upgrading work, the societal work within the changemaker individual projects or the patterns of change to instigate larger reality field changes.

The higher order psychic-energetic method is a tool in our progression and upgrading work. We understand that to get to our full potentials, we need to work deeper than most in the clearing work. We also understand that we have to reconstruct our personality structure to be able to handle the new reality requirements. The psychic-energetic method is part of that process of change.

HOPE Personal Training Program

It is important that you work from where you are, in terms of mastering your chosen process. However, to really get to the point where you can utilize the higher order energies, you must generate the energies to accomplish your goals. Thus, you need to engineer a pattern of change as the first step, and then make a strategy of implementation and execution.

Questions to the HOPE Method or Material?

Please write me an email, if you have questions to the HOPE Material or the HAL Academy.