HOPE Personal Training Program

Every Day is an Opportunity for a New Process of Growth

HOPE Personal Traning  Program - A Tool for Growth

So…. How do you implement what you have learned in the Progression Work, the New Reality and HAL Changemaker Material? How do you put this into effect in the current world setup?

Changes take time and patience – we all know that – but mostly it takes strategy and the step-by-step approach, where each day is an opportunity for changes – however small they may be.

The first step, as a HAL Changemaker, is to know where we want to go. The HAL Academy Courses were part of that level of our training. Now, it is time to figure out how to do this….

The trial-and-error period. The long run where we learn what it truly means to be a HAL Changemaker. The resilience, the core strength and the daily effort of working with our project.

In that process, it is nice to have a person that keeps you accountable and with whom you can bounce off your ideas, your strategies and where you need to go next.

Knowing about the Higher Order Types of Consciousness and the Other Sectors in Our System is Part of the Future

We have much to learn to achieve the most optimal outcome for all involved, in every interaction we have, since all is energy. We must learn how to administer our energy fields and our energetic influential sphere, when we are amongst others. But mostly, we must learn that we do have an energetic effect on the world as a whole. Not only by what we use of energy but just as much due to what we are energetically.

How to Live with the New Reality of Density Energy?

How do we get structured in our everyday life to reach our full potentials?

Lots of new ways of being human to learn as the patterns of change unfold around us.

The Key Words are:

1) Structure your day - be realistic in what is possible

2) Minimize your use of base program energy - transform into the higher order energies

3) Whatever you do use - use it to change the existing paradigms

4) Have a healthy life style (plant-based diet, dialy exercise and clearing work)

5) Clear and rebuild as much as possible per day rate

Live by the ideas of the HAL Changemaker Project .... And yes, you need to set an example of the best version a human can be. The first step as a HAL Changemaker is to be a role model of the better ways of being human. We live by the sciences of what must be done, and we implement them into new projects.

Someone Has to Go First - for the Highest Good of the Many - as HAL Changemakers We Choose that Task....

The Goal of the HOPE Personal Training Program

In the HOPE Personal Training Program, the goal is management and execution with the focus on practical solutions and ideas to support your instigated process of change.

Working with the patterns of change as a process of personal development is one of the ways to exemplify the Progression Work into practical results. If we learn to instigate new personal processes, and lead them to completion and actual changes in our lives, we are supporting the original transformative processes of the outer domain – as explained in the HAL Transition Courses – and we are in the process of the next steps of what it means to be a HAL Changemaker.

Change is a process of learning new ways to work with energy. The way we perceive reality and what is possible are based upon self-perception and frameworks of perception. The HAL Academy Courses cover this. However, sometimes we need an overview of how to do this, tailored to our personal needs and challenges. The HOPE Personal Training Programs will assist in this process.

So... Let Us Talk to Get You Started!

It is important that you work from where you are, in terms of mastering your chosen process. However, to really get to the point where you can utilize the higher order energies, you must generate the energies to accomplish your goals. Thus, you need to engineer a pattern of change as the first step, and then make a strategy of implementation and execution. 

Your HOPE Personal Traning Program


You are in the Process of Learning How to Instigate Changes in Reality

  • We begin with a Skype call where you explain to me what your process is about

  • Afterwards, within 5 work days, you get an email with suitable solutions to your chosen process - it will be both written in PDF and a 15 min MP4 file

  • You utilize your 2 email sessions to follow up and clarify further

You meet up with me in a 1-1½ hour private Skype Session. Afterwards, I create a personalized ideas-for-strategy program for you, and then you utilize your 2 email sessions to follow up.

I will function as a coach and facilitator to support your processes of change and new habits.

The HOPE PTP Skype Session 

The duration of the Skype Session is set to 1-1½ hour. You can record the session using the option Skype offers. However, this recording is private and should not be shared with anyone else. It is only for your private use. After the session, you work on your own to achieve what we have talked about.

The 2 Additional Email Sessions

In each email session, you write the issue you want feedback on. The goal is not always to give the solutions but to instigate the iteration process from which you get the push to continue your chosen challenge be it a project plan, or a new strategy of execution.

Terms of Payment & If You Need to Cancel the Skype Session

You pay via PayPal - Once the Skype Call has been held, it is no longer possible to get a refund

Once you have paid, and I have received the notification, an instructive email will be sent to you on the email address you have provided on PayPal.

2 Optional dates for the HOPE PTP Session will be provided this email. The dates will typically be on a Saturday or Sunday, at 8pm Danish time. You choose the one that suits you. That will be the date for the meetup.

Expect up to 45 days after the payment, before the HOPE PTP Session can be scheduled.

The HOPE PTP Session is done over Skype in an end-to-end encrypted or normal private call by your choice.


The planned HOPE PTP Session can be cancelled latest one day before the scheduled talk and rescheduled into a new meet up.

Should you fail to meet up at the appointed time without one days' notice, there will be no refund and no rescheduling.

Any Questions to the HOPE Personal Program?

Please write me an email, if you have questions to the HOPE Method or the HAL Academy.