The HOPE Method & Goals

A HOPE for the Future Humanities

The Higher Order Psychic-Energetic Method & Goals

Choosing to live up to Our Full Potentials

The HOPE Method & Its Material Focus On the Ideas of:

  • The Patterns of Change & the How-to Manifest New Options within the New Reality Setup.
  • The Skillsets of Reality Changes & Entrepreneurship.
  • The How-to-do of a Future Community Human.
  • The Sciences of the Future & How to Create these in the New Reality Program Holographic Energy Fields.
  • The Patterns that Unfold the Best Reality Potentials for All.
  • The Higher Order Sciences as Part of the New Reality.
  • The How-to Develop, Progress & the Human Awareness into Meeting up with the New Reality Requirements.

The Higher Order Psychic-Energetic Method (the HOPE Method) is the continuation of the Progression Sciences and the Progression Work. Here the architecture behind the organic vessel was taught along with the ways that the Progression Work was to be done to activate the higher order energy system behind our physical form.

Via the HOPE Method utilized in the HOPE Skype & Email Sessions, as well as in the HOPE Personal Training Program, the in-depth techniques are taught with the goal of making the HAL Changemaker a skilled HOPE Practitioner as well. We need both the Higher Awareness Lifestyle along with the Higher Order Psychic-Energetic Method to perform the best quality energy and clearing work, as taught in the Progression Sciences, as well as the how-to live within a world where chaos energies and lower forms of energies are becoming the prevailing forms of energy.

As humans, in this solar system, we have had similar conditions before and those of us that have been around in this system in its earlier versions, must rely on the skill sets we developed in the prior universal cycles when they entered into the completion cycles, just as our solar system is getting to the same point, where the Abyss gets very close and by that, is telling us that it is time to elevate and progress and then move on, once the time is right for us to leave this system.

Until then, the HOPE Method becomes our guideline in how-to stay strong, live in the world as it is, and at the same time withstand the pull of the dark energy from the Abyss.

The HOPE Material, its Concepts & Ideas are to be seen an attempt to revive this original information in a form and within frames of references, from which the original purpose of our existence can be re-integrated into our current world concepts, psychology and sciences,

The higher order sciences are not to be seen as the true ideas and the goal is not to overwrite the existing sciences. We add the extra layers to it.

By this, we build the bridge from the current level of perception of reality into the expanded and alternate reality perception, from where the full potentials of our solar system civilization can reach for the grandness of what we once were, and adapting it into what we are now.


The HOPE Sessions & Training Program 

The HOPE Skype & Email Sessions and Personal Training Program are aimed at specific work areas of the HAL Changemaker challenges in the personal upgrading work, the societal work within the changemaker individual projects or the patterns of change to instigate larger reality field changes.

The higher order psychic-energetic method is a tool in our progression and upgrading work. We understand that to get to our full potentials, we need to work deeper than most in the clearing work. We also understand that we have to reconstruct our personality structure to be able to handle the new reality requirements. The psychic-energetic method is part of that process of change.

A Different Perspective on Reality

What is the process of activation into a higher perception? How can we work with the inner-outer human axis to gain access to our full potentials and still be a good citizen in the futures to come? 

Introduction to the New Reality Setup 1

The learning process of the higher order sciences is not a linear learning process. It is an holographic-energetic state of perception.

Introduction to the New Reality Setup 2

Studying the higher order sciences is different from the general educations and sciences. It unfolds across many layers of perception.

Get Started with the Matrix of Change

It must be understood, that the current reality setup is an addition, a downgraded version, of the real reality.

Governance in Holographic Realities

In the Holographic Realities, governance is not only a matter of the Councils - it is just as much a personal responsibility.

Questions to the HOPE Method Or Material?

Please write me an email, if you have questions to the HAL Higher Order Sciences or the HAL Academy.