The HAL Project



The HAL Project is a working progress. And it will continue to unfold as long as it serves its purpose under the energies of the NGC.

The HAL Project goal is to inspire to new ways of being human. It has as its main directive to instill the idea that humans are far more than what they remember.

The goal is also to activate the Principles of Progression, the Rules of Engagement and the Natural Laws of Energetic Utilization.

The HAL Project is for now focused on sharing of information from where interested can learn the original ways of existing on our planet, and in our solar system.

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  • Humans can progress into far more.
  • A high-performance culture is the goal.
  • The future awaits our choices to do that.

To be able to generate new ways of being human, we need many new paradigms. We need upgraded versions of anatomy, psychology and pioneering ways of perceiving the nature of reality. Generally speaking, we need new frames of reference into which we can conceptualize our lives, who we think we are, what we want to become, and how we perceive our surroundings.



The awakening, the clearing work, the activation work and the progression work is not just about reconnecting to our higher order capacities and implementing the higher order energy system and our template into our present-day bio-organic vessel, by the use of what is stored in the template of codes and knowledge, but it is also to understand that we are part of a progression journey into several universes, where other human progressive races exist and are doing their version of the progressive evolution, i.e. the  human developmental progression journey to master all forms of energy and consciousness in the reality they are part of.

We began this ambitious project a long time ago. And we agreed on specific rules in our interaction with any lifeform in this and similar worlds. The Principles, the Rules and the Laws were meant to secure order, balance and harmony amongst the races that joined the project, along with being the guidelines on how to progress for the highest good of the many, i.e. for all that joined the project. Here and in all universes.

The HAL Project Goals

  • Educating humans on a psychological level to enable them to develop their consciousness potentials.
  • Reaching for the highest energetic, intellectual and emotional performance in life, generating a high-performance culture with progressive attitudes to self, others and our reality.
  • Educating humans to create by their own means and by their own resources to develop innovative and inventive projects to support a collective sustainable future under the energies of the new grand cycle.
  • And developing present-day humans into becoming the best version of a human they can be. In this current vessel or the future one, they choose to create in this life under the Principles, the Rules and the Laws.




HAL and Social Responsibility

What can the HAL Project add to the world and its demand for more social responsibility?

By educating people into being the best version a human can be.

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I appreciate all financial support to the HAL Project.

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