The New Grand Cycle




The circumstances we are in today, vary from the conditions in the previous cycles, because of the universal changes coming our way over the next 120 years or so. Changes, which the progressive human races have dealt with and are dealing with as well.

Our solar system, and the many systemic races here, are not the only ones to instigate changes in their ways of living.The reasons for the changes all spring from the culmination of the timeline event, called the completion cycles, and the new grand cycle that is coming in along with the completion cycles. The new grand cycle carries different forms of energy, consciousness and progression possibilities.

Under normal circumstances, the old cycles would be allowed to exist along with it. However, this time the new grand cycle (the NGC) will take all the progressive races into the 6-12 pillar and completely phase out the older cycles, along with what they hold of technologies, lifeforms and consciousness.

Learn more about the details of the NGC in the HAL Philosophy.


The new grand cycle (the NGC) unfolds over several decaded to fully complete its sequences of activation and closing down of reality fields that are no longer functional.

The NGC began at the highest levels in the other systems some 2550 years ago, and it has worked its way down to us ever since.

In 1959 the initial energies of the NGC hit our sun and began the shift into a 4-6th dimensional sun.

In 2007 the sun began the final process of shedding off the density 1 (D1-3) layers. In 2022 the sun initiates the transition of its code sequences of density 2 (D4-6) layers, to match the energies of the NGC, which will affect our solar system and us energetically. Read the article on the sun.


1999-2007: Activation and Cleanup of the Holographic-Technological Segment (5-11 pillar)

2008-2016: Activation and Cleanup of the Systemic Segment (4-10 pillar)

2017-2025: Activation and Cleanup of the Reality Field Segment (3-9 pillar)

2026-2034: Activation and Cleanup of the Racial and Library Segment (2-8 pillar)

2035-2043: Activation and Cleanup of the Individual Segment (1-7 pillar)

2044-2052: Completion and Choices to be Made (stay or go)

2053-2061: The Reseeding of the 6th Root Race will Begin

2062-2135: The Final Grid Shift into the Progressive Worlds


Now, what an activation and cleanup process actually is needs to be clarified, because there seem to be uncertainty about what it entails. I will use an allegory to explain this.

The activation process is to be likened with an old house. Nobody can remember when it was built and by who. An unattended garden and a lot of wasted wilderness surround the house, because the land and the garden have not been attended to in a long time and thus all have gone unorganized.

The house has been left to its own demise, since the true owners left ages ago and the foundation and building materials are consequently full of bugs, termites and all sorts of creepy stuff, ranging from old energies of the owners that used to live there, to foreign tenants, having taken over the house without any good intentions at heart. For all that they care, the house and its land are just another place to exploit and tear down in the process of getting what they need.

Now, when the process of activation hits non-attended levels of reality – which our system is highly affected by, i.e. we have not attended any of the levels of our reality for at least 12500 years but have left it to the hijackers to do what they felt like doing here – it means a big cleanup, and all that needs to be removed, to reset the reality fields, must go.

The foreign tenants must go as the first most important step, because they are trashing the house and their energy is allowing for all sorts of bugs to be present in the house, the garden and the land. After the tenants are gone, the big work of getting the house, the garden and the land back on its feet begins.

However, the correct rebuilding is only possible if the true owners come back, take responsibility for this work and do their part. But, alas, the true owners have forgotten how to take care of a house, a garden and how to develop the surrounding land. They are like children having lived in a bubble of deception and false notions of reality, and what is important. Because of that, they have forgotten their true skills of masonry, of gardening and of how to make land prosper.

These skills have to be remembered and relearned through trial and error. The true owners have to learn all over again how to repair a house and what the architecture is behind it, so that the rebuilding is done according to the original blueprint and the purpose of the house. They have to learn how to do gardening and about the plants and their purpose, and they have to relearn how to grow the soil of the land, and how to make it prosper for future generations. All of their folly ideas of what is important must be transformed into a mature perception of what is true, just and eternal.

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