Step 2 - The Basic Wake Up Processes

It ALL Begins with our Emotional Field

The HAL Basic Wake Up Material

The HAL Basic Emotional Field Material is the next section of information to work with.

Here you get the foundational concepts of the work with the emotional field and new frames of reference from which you can perceive yourself, others and reality.

Before You Begin.... Do this First:

  1. Read the recommended text material, where you get the feel of what the HAL Academy Concepts & Ideas are and the way things work here. 
  2. And, then leave behind all earlier preconceptions of how to learn and how to work with advanced sciences, because this is something entirely new. This is a process of higher order sciences, and all the branches of knowledge that lead to the "tree of knowledge" seen as a complex information system of energy and consciousness built into patterns of holographjic energy and advanced technology.

Working with the HAL Emotional Field Material

Beginning this work is a journey into many inner and outer processes of change. It is a confrontation of our belief systems and a challenge to our psychological comfort zones..

The new approaches to the progression work might be confusing but it is the way our inner world works; there are cognitive processes, emotional patterns and then there are the unknown territories within the subconscious, being the border into the realms holding our higher order perceptions of self.

These different characteristics of the psyche must be shown to get the complete picture of the developmental journey into the unknown layers of the human constitution and from the depths of all that we are, we might find solutions to our personal developmental journey. We learn to use the inner search method to reach new potentials of what it means to be a progressive human in a world of changes and challenges.

The Deeper Layers of the Emotional Field hold the Answers

Is it Possible to Change the Past? Perhaps not - at least not yet in a physical manner. But do we need to? Is it not the memory of the past that haunts us and not the actual event - at least when we talk our personal experience of it...

When I had my healing and psychotherapy practice (2007-2016) - as in a it is online... I developed new techniques to assist my clients with their personal growth. Most of the time, portions of the emotional field were stuck in old emotional patterns, which we talked about psychologically. The conversation led us so far, and I quickly discovered that we needed more than talk, processes and understanding to get to the bottom of the issues.

Thus, I added healing. Naturally, I had the talent already, begin clairvoyant and all, but I figured a bit of professional training would do no harm, so I enrolled in a healer school, did the studies and followed the classes to learn more techniques. It was based upon the Reiki method, although I assessed that this method was not for me and in my work with clients my own version of this sprung through.

In my studies of different Esoteric Schools (Alice A. Bailey, Dion Fortune, Shafica Karagulla and Dora van Gelder Kunz to name a few) I had come across several more advanced methods of working with the energy of the body, the mind and the higher order energy system and I developed a method where my version of what I had learned were integrated but updated into the needs of the present and I also got examined in Human Anatomy and Pathology to get the full picture of what I was working with, anatomically and energetically.

I integrated the energy work (I do not practice healing but higher order energy work) into my psychotherapeutic work, first doing the psychotherapeutic conversation, addressing and putting words to the issue, and then – once we had reached the aha moment and thus were in the clear – we went to the energetic part where I cleared the patterns of what we had talked about. And it is this method I have developed further into the higher order psychic-energetic psychotherapy, or the HAL Advanced Psychotherapy.

Thus, HAL Advanced Psychotherapy includes the energy work, albeit not in a traditional sense with the hands on. However, since my way of working with the holographic architecture behind all living beings is based upon the horizontal and vertical field-merging method, it is done easily in the conversation, from where I understand the emotional and mental patterns to be worked with.

It is important to understand for the HAL Advanced Psychotherapy and its Progression Work Foundation to really do its wonders, the Progression Work – and the understanding of how to maintain the new holographic-energetic configuration achieved in the clearing and transition work – is key to keep up the higher order energies by the daily energy work.

So, let us get started with a personal exercise:

Write your account of who you think you are… now… Write it down on paper or on the computer, and make sure the words are following the images and ideas you get. Try to create a literal written account of yourself. As you write this down and process it this way, you generate language to your visions enabling your right and left hemisphere to work together.

Then, after having done most of the Emotional Field Material, read this account again and then plot out a strategy for how you can work with your emotional field, shifting from the old narrative and into what you feel is the right path forward to achieve your progression goals.

The HAL Foundational Concepts for the Work

Below is a selection of Emotional Field Material from 2015-2019. We will move into more complex ideas and information systems, to a new level of understanding due to the new reality programs, as we move through the layers of information. The HAL Philosophy book, free courses and then the course material is to be studied.

In my book, the HAL Philosophy (BOD 2020), I investigate the behavior, ethics and the expanded human capacity to progress into a sentient being, living by the accord of the highest principles and the progression possibilities offers to balance out confusion and chaos.

Watch these Videos on YouTube to Learn More


- This is out there for free

In this series of podcasts, I focus on the ideas behind the Progression work, we need to do to keep up with the energy work that is needed to bridge the future timelines to our reality. They also explain these as the anchor point of the original purpose and function of our system and the races we came from.

Continue with More Free Course Material

Below are 4 HAL Classes from 2017 and are put here to give you a feel of how the classes are built up. We have moved, in terms of complex information systems, to a new level of understanding due to the new reality programs, but I have chosen to keep these classes here as a start-up offered for free as a way to get a feel of what the Progression Work is about. Plus, the foundation is still valid.

1. The HAL Advanced Class 1 - What is the Work?

In this course, you will learn the some of the ideas behind the Progression Work, and why you should do it. We look into the the possibilities of our work, the integration processes and the awakening. Read text in PDF & Listen to Podcasts.

2. The HAL Advanced Class 2 - The Rotundum

In this course, you will learn the some of the ideas behind the Rotundum, and the discipline in the work this idea offers. We also lay the foundation of the Principles, the Rules and the Laws. Read text in PDF & Listen to Podcasts.

3. The HAL Advanced Class 3 - On Everyday Choices 

In this course, I talk about some of the everyday choices, we have to make when we decide to life our energies into the otherwordly realms. This covers nutrition, exercise, supplements etc., on a very basic level. The higher order sciences are covered in the HAL Transition Science Courses.

Read articles, the 2 e-books & Listen to Podcasts.

4. The HAL Advanced Class 4 - On the Template

In this course, you will learn the very basic levels of the template work, and the ideas behind the higher order energy system. More will be taught about this in the HAL Template Sciences. Read text in PDF & Listen to Podcasts.

The Final HAL Basic Concepts - Courses with Email Sessions

Below are the rest of the Foundational Concepts Courses.

These you buy along with email counselling sessions, where we get to know eachother. The email counselling sessions are not to be seen as a Q&A, but an option to discuss your understanding of the work, where you see yourself in the Progression Work, and what you want to achieve with it.

Get Started with The Future Human Project

The Start-up Future Human Project Package consists of the 4 Future Human Project Courses, along with 2 email sessions. Total Cost for the Start-up FHP Package 300 EUR, to be paid over 4 months as a subscription of 75 EUR each.

Next Step of the Future Human Project

The Next Level Future Human Project Package consists of the NGC Transition Courses 1-2 along with 1 email counselling session. Total Cost for Course Material & email counselling session is 95 EUR.

Continue with the HAL  Progression Work Material

The HAL Progression Work Material combines and elevates known concepts into a higher order system of thought in new profound ways to systemize what it means to be an expanded human, working under an alternate worldview governed by advanced psycho-energetic sciences and how we can cope with the new world as it unfolds around us.

Any Questions to the HAL Online Courses?

Please write me an email, if you have questions to the HAL Academy Online Courses or the HAL Project.