1. The HAL Transition Sciences

Time to Learn How to Change

Learn the HAL Transition Sciences

The HAL Transition Sciences are the next set of courses to embark on. You get the more advanced concepts of the higher order progression sciences from which you can perceive yourself, others and reality in a more complex way.

The Higher Order Awakening

On the Process of Waking Up or Awakening

The first step of the higher order awakening process is to accept that reality is more than just the obvious and what we can see and sense with our 5 senses. When that is accepted and experienced, the next step is to develop the inner and higher order abilities, enabling us to discern between the energetic distortion mechanisms, the shut-down mechanisms and the deception technologies, and the accurate higher order information.

Therefore, the higher order awakening process is mostly about an acceptance of the unacknowledged hidden realities and then it is all about getting back to our true potentials, to be fully able to integrate all that we are as higher order humans. Then, the process must move into a relearning process of what it means to be an awakened human on this planet. That is the higher order awareness way of living.

Our personality is the communicating interface system we use, when we are around other humans. We use it when we interact with outer and inner circumstances, activated by other fellow beings.

Knowing about the inner states of consciousness and the dimensional human and humanoid races will be part of the future. Therefore, we need to learn to function among our own race and the other races here, and learn how to we interact, treat and are around others.

The HAL Transition Science Courses are built up in a step-ladder way, where we begin with the psychic processes as energy and then move into the more advanced work with the fields. 

The goal is to adapt our way of life to the new knowledge, and to learn to work with the different aspects of the psychic-energetic processes, from the basic double awareness angle and into the advanced levels of work with the energy systems.

Asking the Right Questions to get the Formative and Progressive Answers 

We have much to learn to achieve the most optimal outcome for all involved, in every interaction we have, including how to administer our energy fields, and our energetic influential sphere, when we are amongst others and in the world as a whole.


And with that said, we need to ask the right questions to get the correct formative and progressive answers.


  • What is an awakening? Individually and globally?
  • How will that show itself? What are the signs?
  • Is an awakening driven organically, or from somewhere else?
  • Is it something that comes to us?
  • Is it something we choose or instigate?
  • If the first; who is chosen for the awakening?
  • If the latter; how do we instigate it?
  • What would the goals of an awakening be – individually and globally?
  • What do we need to do to continue a global awakening?
  • And lastly, is it something that all humans would choose to be part of? And if not, then how do we deal with that.


Then, of course, we need to address what an awakening would lead to. What future we would choose for our race and our planet.


In essence, this is what the higher order sciences are about. Finding some answers to these questions and propose some solutions. The goal is to clear out the clutter of disinformation about what an awakening is, technically – in short terms – to activate the higher order capacities of our entire human constitution and to address what this means on a global scale, if a minority of humans awaken to their higher order capacities, and what it means if a majority does. 

The HAL Transition Science Courses

1. The Psyche as Energy - Outlining the Concepts

In the first course, you get a new perspective on the psyche, its function and architecture by which we eventually can generate the energy system on the developmental level fitting our template.

Read more in the Course Overview.

3. Keeping the Psychic-Energetic Balance

In the third course, you get a new view on the challenges ahead of us. The idea is to work with what we have learned in the previous two courses to generate and maintain our energetic balance.

Read more in the Course Overview.

5. Learn the Advanced Work with Nutrition

In the fifth course, you get a new perspective on nutrition from a HAL Transition Science Perspective. Nutrition is not just food. All is energy and energy affects our body and lower fields.

Read more in the Course Overview.

7. The Transformative Energy System

In this final online course in the HAL Transition Sciences, the other 6 courses are put into a complete understanding of the transition. We explore the outer domain energy system as it was supposed to be. With the original outer domain energy system in mind, we have a direction to aim our restoration work.

Read more in the Course Overview.

2. The Psyche as Processes - Expanding Perception

In the second course, you gain new perspectives on the psychic-energetic processes using the higher order sciences to bring a new perception of self, others  and of reality.

Read more in the Course Overview.

4. The Advanced Work with the Emotional Field 

In the fourth course, we are going to explore the connections between the original reality fields and the lower emotional field, as well as how this affects the cellular structure and much more.

Read more in the Course Overview.

6. Learn the Advanced Work with the Rotundum

In the sixth course, we explore the connections between the original reality fields and our experience of the outer-inner realities, as well as how this affects our lower and higher energy fields. 

Read more in the Course Overview.

You study the HAL Academy Material Online as self-study. All Courses consist of text and podcasts. The podcasts are uploaded into private groups on Vimeo. Links will be provided.

You study when it suits you. The HAL Courses are available at all hours of the day.

You Learn the HAL Course Material via PDF and Podcasts, Teaching the Concepts in Theory and via Practical Exercises.

You sign up by paying the fee for each course via PayPal.

Any Questions to the HAL Transition Sciences?

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