The HAL Progression Work Booster Class 2023

Are You On Top of the Progression Work?

The HAL Progression Work Booster Class 2023

We live in a world where the reality field reset dynamics are manifested into different collapses of known functional societal, economic and environmental systems, overall changes in the human neurobiology, with break-down of psychological processes and loss of self-adjustment mechanisms.

The general approach to solve the challenges at hand either focus on a joint effort to solve the issues, or choose to riot and segregate in earlier consciousness states of warring humanoid gene codes and disrupted rules of engagement.

However, more is needed to meet up with the challenges at hand, and in the time to come.

To assist our energy system in its recalibration to the Outer Domain DE1 Reconfiguration, we need to exemplify what we learn in our studies of the higher order sciences. The original energy system configurations are interactively connected to the reality field technologies and architecture, meaning that as we develop, so will the original programs develop similarly.


As we modify our energy system, clear the distorted gene codes, and clear the connection points to dysfunctional holographic code streams, connected to earlier failed or destroyed progression cycles in our system and beyond, our original configuration demands “proof” of our ability to work with energy and consciousness again.

We are Heading for the DE1 Outer Domain Reality

The Outer Domains have always been the last stage to master what we were and change it into what we could become. In the outer domain, we can do the turn-around, shift position in reality configuration and then shed off the old configuration. In the denser energies, it is possible to rebuild our energy system, progress it in a slower pace to match the requirements of the worlds, we want to go to.

The HAL Progression Work Booster Class in Overview

  1. How to set monthly goals, using the energies of change – what is new and what is needed now.
  2. Back to basics with the energy work in 2023 – what is new and what is needed now.
  3. How to apply the Principles in everyday life amongst others, at work and in our surroundings.
  4. The best approach to make optimal choices based upon the double awareness in 2023.

The HAL Progression Work Booster Class 2023

– Meet Up With Other HAL Students in the Annual Booster Class

From September to November 2023, we meet up twice a month as Group Class done over Skype.


New text material will be made for this group class, working with the known concepts from the Progression Sciences but in the light of the changes and challenges ahead of us. The text material will be explained in 10 podcasts uploaded on Vimeo. We meet up twice a month over Skype in a private group, where we discuss the material.


Max 16 students.


The class material gives the background information needed to understand this course.

You Are Expected to have gone over the Free Material before we start in September 2023. If it is a while since you did it, do it again.

It is expected that the Basic 4D Energy Work Course has been completed. If you have not already got the course, you can buy it below.

The 2 Monthly Skype Group Calls at 8pm Danish time on Saturdays

We meet up over Skype in a private group call twice a month, from September to November 2023 at 8pm Danish time. Here we discuss the material from a theoretical, and if possible, practical point of view. I begin the group call with a lecture on topics relevant for a progression of the material. Remember to check for DST.


  • Each meetup has the duration of 1-2½ hour, all depending on the activity of the group.
  • The quality of the group calls depends on the group entirely, since it is up to the group members to present thoughts and ideas on the information provided in the class material. Not just in the form of questions, but in the form of thoughts derived from working with the material.
  • To ensure the highest energy in the call, it will not be possible to discuss personal issues or relate to experiences with other people. Talking about other people invite whatever they hold to the meetup, due to the power of the group dynamics, and talking about personal issues will open your field and merge it into the group.



The Dates for the Skype Group Calls

The groups calls will be on the following dates at 8pm Danish time


Saturday September 2nd 2023 at 8pm Danish time

Lecture plus work with the class material


Saturday September 23rd 2023 at 8pm Danish time

Lecture plus work with the class material


Saturday October 7th 2023 at 8pm Danish time

Lecture plus work with the class material


Saturday October 28th 2023 at 8pm Danish time

Lecture plus work with the class material


Saturday November 4th 2023 at 8pm Danish time

Lecture plus work with the class material


Saturday November 25th 2023 at 8pm Danish time

Lecture plus work with the class material

Is Denmark Central European Time?


UTC+01:00 as standard time, and UTC+02:00 as daylight saving time, with transition dates according to the European Union rules. All of Denmark is on CET.

Terms of Payment and How to Sign Up

You enroll by paying the signup fee of 125 EUR. The signup fee covers the text material, podcasts, as well as administration. You can enroll from now and until August 31st 2023.


Then, from September 1st 2023 until November 1st 2023, you pay additional 75 EUR per month using the subscription link that will be provided in August 2023. PayPal does the withdrawal each month on the date, you signed up for the 3 monthly payments. The subscription ends automatically.


Total cost for the material and group calls is 350 EUR (125 EUR + 225 EUR).

You can leave the HAL Progression Work Class at any time, by ending your subscription (and informing me). Ending the HAL Class should therefore be at the end of a month.

Any Questions to the HAL Progression Work Class?

Please write me an email, if you have questions to the HAL Progression Work Material or the HAL Academy.