The HAL 2025 Timeline Background

An Option for the Future Humanities

The DE1 Higher Order Progressive-Energetic Future

Choosing to live up to Our Full Potentials

The Overall Method & Its Material Focus On the Ideas of:

  • The Patterns of Change & the How-to Manifest New Options within the New Reality Setup.
  • The Skillsets of Reality Changes & Entrepreneurship.
  • The How-to-do of a Future Community Human.
  • The Sciences of the Future & How to Create these in the New Reality Program Holographic Energy Fields.
  • The Patterns that Unfold the Best Reality Potentials for All.
  • The Higher Order Sciences as Part of the New Reality.
  • The How-to Develop, Progress & the Human Awareness into Meeting up with the New Reality Requirements.

In the HAL 2025 Timeline Material, we will look into the upcoming changes in the ways we live and the ways we perceive reality, and what we need to adjust to on the 2025 timelines, focused around the 5th cycle.


The new meta-normal for humans, ready to enter the 5th cycle and its timelines, will begin its kick-off in 2022 and run until December 2025. We have had glimpses of the trends and dynamics the last three years. These have been a type of test run. We are in for a meta-shift of proportions; we have not grasped the implications of yet.


The year to begin the great leap in energy and consciousness is set for 2025, as the different factions play in their future timelines into our planetary networks and racial gridworks to counteract the grand transition cycle, with the goals of leading humanity into the futures of their liking, and not what we were supposed to be doing now, getting ready to reunite with our original energy system and higher order consciousness structure.


The Activation and Cleanup Stages

The 3-9 Pillar

2020-2022: The Holographic Grids and Network (done)

2023-2025: The Energetic Level of the Racial Grids


The 2-8 Pillar

2026-2028: The Genetic Level of the Root Races

2029-2031: The Genetic Level of the Lineages

2032-2034: The Genetic Level of the Human Projects


The 1-7 Pillar

2035-2037: The Radiation Fields in Humans

2038-2040: The Vibration Fields in Humans

The world is changing. Humanity is changing. Many challenges are ahead of us as the other planes of reality come our way. For people, centered in the everyday human mindset, these changes will not be noticeable other than in the forms of new sciences and governance, and for others, having prepared for this for years and years, the tide is changing and the wave of energies of the other realities and worlds are affecting our energy system in profound ways. This will open for new levels of perception and understanding of what it means to be human.


This is not just a battle for the continuation of humanity; it is just as much a battle for the continuation of our higher order possibilities as an advanced civilization, ready to boarder the worlds to come. To get there, humanity must learn to work as a planetary team, expressing our diversity as a chosen tool to reach the absolute potentials of what we were meant to be, and yet recognizing that we are equals because we work for the same goals, and in that we support each other in the joint goal of progression of awareness, our original consciousness abilities and with the goal of generating a better world for all implicated. We must overcome our focus on the differences and focus on the tasks at hand and how to solve these.


We must progress and activate our full potentials, and do the needed work to be able to change our world.


On the Discourse of the Hidden Realities

The first fact is that most do not know the full extent of the hidden realities and the alien reality programs, although many has looked at the diverse theories on this topic. Nevertheless, it must be understood that most of this information is distorted deliberately. And, it must also be taken into consideration that these concepts and ideas are based upon the notions that we are dealing with humans like you and me, and not realizing that these groups of in-program humans are part of something hidden, an inner reality, secret for most with programs beyond their wildest fantasies. Of course, everybody has heard of the spiritual worlds but that is a sort of a distorted concept of a semi-human inner reality where the souls go and not a huge inner reality inhabited by many off world humans and humanoids from other parallel universes, having used our world for their own benefit, production, and exploitation.


The breakdown of the old hierarchal and hidden reality programs is beginning to show on the outside, in the forms of environmental changes and the collapse of the cultural institutions and ideologies. It is so, because as no one maintains the outer jurisdictions of the old density 2 races, the leftovers are in free fall between the remaining off world races – often not so smart as the Elite, they used to be controlled by – and the other groups of exploiters trying to accrete what they can from our system, and transfer it (or link it up) to their own systems. We could call these groups for scavengers or tomb raiders. This level of chaos will rise in the years to come, and only the resilient ones amongst humanity will prevail in these future settings.

A Different Perspective on Reality

What is the process of activation into a higher perception? How can we work with the inner-outer human axis to gain access to our full potentials and still be a good citizen in the futures to come? 

Introduction to the New Reality Setup 1

The learning process of the higher order sciences is not a linear learning process. It is an holographic-energetic state of perception.

Introduction to the New Reality Setup 2

Studying the higher order sciences is different from the general educations and sciences. It unfolds across many layers of perception.

Get Started with the Matrix of Change

It must be understood, that the current reality setup is an addition, a downgraded version, of the real reality.

Governance in Holographic Realities

In the Holographic Realities, governance is not only a matter of the Councils - it is just as much a personal responsibility.

Questions to the HAL 2025 Timeline Material?

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