The HAL New Business Methods

The HAL New Reality Business Models

Exploring the New HAL Business Methods

The current ways of doing business are based upon limited ways of perceiving others as well as our reality. The new approach is not based upon profit and indoctrinating other humans to buy what we produce.

Instead we do business to create things, services and teachings that will make a difference in terms of lifting humanity into a higher realm of knowledge, understanding of what this reality is about, as part of a larger system and that we are part of that system

Our human world is a collective, we impact by our choices, the work we do, the way we perceive work and the way we utilize money and products.

All these things are expressions of planetary resources and we are responsible for our world and how it develops into either an advanced human system or a totally failure, where the natural protection mechanisms of our planet will no longer sustain our human civilization or any future possible civilization for that matter. We must opt in for the big changes - and do them now.

New Concepts of Business

  • The places within the current marketing & business models where we can do the transition. Where can we bridge within existing tools, concepts and methods and the higher order trade systems?
  • How to implement these upgraded marketing & business systems?
  • Which marketing & business products can be generated to provide the target group with the correct information, educational programs, etc., to enable them to convert to or create a new business model?
  • Goal of it all; to enable new smaller businesses to arise so that we get people that are working within their own true creational energy, with the purpose of doing progression while doing business – implementing the progression into our outer work so that our inner and outer work are in alignment.

The New Approach to Business

In the new approach, working is the ability to be creative and to manifest our ideas as a progressive self-expression. We earn money to pay our bills and to ensure the free space of creativity and innovation - we work to change the World. Not for profit alone.

Congruency in Business Principles


Alignment with the basic idea of energy as the main provider in business adaptation and administration as part of a broadened perception of reality.

First step in a new business operational setting is to align the concept of money and energy into a unity of flow. Money is to be seen as the means to produce and provide results more than as the end result.

The cash flow follows simple rules of reality:

  • What you receive from your services is equal to the type of energy you put into your services.
  • What is expressed in forms of products and their ability to sell and get seen, equals the adaptation rate of the product, i.e. the energy of the product. Example: A product based upon the intention of making money will not provide a high outcome, whereas a product based upon the principles of creation and expression of an intention within the framework of ethical standards, will be reflected back into a higher revenue.
  • Ethics and sustainability in product making define the sale of the product, i.e. high standards equal high sales rate.

Business as a tool to change the world

We can use our business to inspire and give the incentive of developing the higher order awareness of our reality and how we can change our world.

We work under the goals of developing progressive, communicative and environmental awareness.

From these tools, we are able to do creational or business projects as part of the highest order reality, for the highest good of the many.

Questions to be Asked

  • How to generate sales and create markets that provide exchange of goods and services within the concept of the higher awareness set up to further the implementation of the new sciences, industries, services and concepts of a higher awareness humanity ready to interact directly with the higher order energies of our system, from the organic to the holographic-energetic energies of our world?
  • All done in a correct system of exchange of energy used for progression and development for all implicated, benefitting the majority and for the highest good of the many, and in that following the original development?
  • What will the target group need to transit into this form of new business principles, using the existing tools and concepts of marketing, business, supply and demand?
  • How do we do business using the existing system and then add in the higher order agreements of trade?

We Work to Inspire to Change

To inspire and give the incentive of developing the higher order awareness, as well as working under the goal of achieving progressive, communicative and positive developmental and environmental awareness, to be able to do creational or business projects as part of the highest order reality, for the highest good of the many.

Breaking this Down to Known Concepts & Tools

Generating an adapted business philosophy

  • The idea of exchange of goods and services is to bring value to the customer in manifest form as well as energetic (a sale will amplify the human wellbeing and progress in some way).
  • Bring self-empowerment into business and marketing methods, and creation of products to allow the customer to make knowledgeable and valid choices, adding to the value of the buy.
  • Bring knowledge to business owners of how to add to the Business Network by generating a new market within the existing flow of services and goods for the benefit of the seller and buyer.
  • Seeding a new business model as a joint project done by all participating, understanding why do we do business. Not to earn money alone but to create products that will evolve our world and humanity – add value to world and to the customer. In essence, only buy if it has a purpose or function – and not emotional needs.

The New Developmental Process

Humanity has to develop a new awareness based upon an interactive reality, with new sciences, new concepts of energy and matter, and the awareness of higher order consciousness. From that, changes will follow in the perception field of mind and the psychological faculties, changing what it means to be human.

The HAL New Business Methods & Concepts

In the HAL New Business Methods & Concepts, we work the New Reality Challenges and the changes within the Base Program, as our world undergoes its transition processes, from the old ways to the ways of the future humanities.

We look into what this means in terms of starting up new forms of business models, as well as the practical implementation processes these new models demand.

Questions to the HAL New Business Material?

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