A New Type of Business

A New Type of Business

The HAL Changemaker Business - Built of Energy

The new type of business is not just going to unfold and happen on its own. We must be ready to turn it into a progression journey and a project, where we become the architect in all that we want to unfold.

The first step is to acknowledge that a well driven business takes work and effort. It is not a fluke of accidents that enables a business to thrive. We make our business a success. Nobody else.

The understanding of self-development, called higher awareness progression, using energy and consciousness to do so, is the human evolution 2.0 aka the true human evolution into a future of humans knowing how to work with all that they are composed of, including their physicality, to regain perfect health, higher awareness, full capacity of expanded consciousness and the ability to communicate and express what we have become into some sort of creational project.


The higher performance lifestyle also include the development of self-discipline and inner strength to set goals and ways to complete them. The goal of all that we do is to master energy and consciousness by mastering ourselves in all of our ways, inner and outer, and the higher states of consciousness that we can reach. 

As we grow in vitality, we enhance the ability to function in life with higher energy functionality and self-confidence. With empowerment. We learn to set our minds to learn to administer all that we are, because we know it’s the way to fulfill the purpose of living. Of existence. Because, why exist to live a half or incomplete life?

We want to express life in all of its forms. We strive for perfection and challenges in all that they are; physically, mentally and emotionally, as well as developing all the higher order capacities that are possible to reach for a human. And in that, we exemplify that life is an evolutionary progression journey and that true perfection is achieved by experimentation and failures, finding solutions and overcoming challenges as well as the ability to master energy and consciousness in all of its forms; individually, globally and universally. Therefore, what we need to know is that the limitations, we hold and what we think we can do, are in our minds and the emotional blockages we hold from this or other lifetimes.

We need to get up to speed with the idea that we can develop our brain, psyche and body by the use of energy, not in spiritual or religious contexts, but within the same context as the understanding of, that eating healthier gives more energy, that learning new skills develops the brain and that working with energy creates new and higher levels of awareness, expanding the notion of what a human is and can do.

The Creational Project as Business

Work is not just work and business is not just about earning money.

As we progress and develop the knowledge of how to administer energy and our inner power, as well as who we are, into this reality in the new ways, to follows that we want to express this into projects or new ways of doing business.

The Basic Creational Steps

In the new approach, working is the ability to be creative and to manifest our ideas as a progressive self-expression.

Therefore, an economic free space is needed for a possible tear down of what does not work or live up to our standards as we change and develop our awareness.

The HAL Changemaker Alternate Reality Updates

During 2023, the most important information regarding the changes and upcoming challenges for us as HAL Changemakers working with the base program, will be put together in different series of podcasts uploaded into a specific HAL Changemaker Vimeo Group, you must buy access to. The goal is to give advice and support to the in-action transition work, the HAL Changemakers do.

Questions to the HAL New Business Material?

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