On Energetic Nutrition

Every Day is Chance for New Habits

The HAL Approach to Energetic Nutrition

We begin the higher awareness journey by becoming plant-fruitarians. No dead animals for us as food. First basic rule is non-exploitation of other lifeforms to sustain our existence.

Live among other living beings as we would like to live ourselves. Be to others want we want them to be to us... because all lifeforms are cognisant.

When we choose to do the conscious progression journey, there are many steps to take. We need new approaches to what it means to be human, and what is an honorable way of living in this world, made of energy and cognisant lifeforms.

We must learn how to transform energy into its highest purity rate and food is the first step.

Supporting the Progression Work via Nutrition

Are we here to have the “normal” human experience or, are we here to do the transformative exploration journey, developing yourself from something ordinary to some unique and awesome?

This question is a life-changing question, because once we begin to work with the ideas that we are able to do a 2.0 human evolution, beyond the normal human life, the return to the setting of everyday life stops being enough. The treadmill and the repetition of each day loses its charm. It is like waking up, having a major realization where we are faced with the fact that life can offer more.

The understanding of self-development, called higher awareness progression, using energy and consciousness to do so, is the human evolution 2.0 aka the true human evolution into a future of humans knowing how to work with all that we are composed of, including their physicality, to regain perfect health, higher awareness, full capacity of expanded consciousness and the ability to communicate and work with other-dimensional realities inhabited by otherworldly human and humanoid races.


The information for a life, lived in higher performance, is already expressed among different groups of people. These steps are part of the basic levels of the progression journey mastering the organic matter by developing self-discipline, inner strength to set goals and ways to complete them. The goal of all that we do is to master energy and consciousness by mastering ourselves in all of our ways, inner and outer, and the higher states of consciousness that we can reach. So, let us look at the basics:

We must accept that food affects our health and gives higher or lower forms of energy to our organic vessel. More and more are getting onboard the understanding that food has to be vital and hold energy to give the correct sustenance to the organic vessel, which is composed of energy. Dead energy produces dead energy in the body.

We learn that eating is not just about transforming different eatable substances into cellular energy to make the vessel function correctly. It is also the bridge into higher forms of energy that can alter the energetic state of the organic vessel to a higher sensitivity and performance. All of that is supported by turning into a plant-fruitarian and by knowing what the organic vessel needs to function correctly – by preparing our own food and how to choose with knowledge and energetic understanding among the supply to get the greens, nuts and fruits with the highest level of energy

We must also learn that emotional experiences are stored as cellular information – since all emotional experiences are energy - affecting the organic vessel, creating a healthier and stronger body if the emotional challenges are solved in an empowering way, giving emotional strength and the ability to rely on one’s own solutions and decisions, to back up the choices in life and by that, what type of life one wants to have. To stand by who we are and trust in our choices.

Emotional strength or weaknesses affect all cellular reproduction by controlling which of the various forms of messenger RNA (yes, RNA not DNA – look up the difference) that are activated, and in that control the rebuilding of the cells in a constructive or destructive way. We have yet to learn how much physical heath and emotional strength are interlinked.

So, in essence, following our purpose as humans, is our responsibility and we need to work to unfold our potentials. Higher awareness is a life-long journey of developing our capacity via the work with information, energy and reality.

Important Ideas in the Frugivore Diet

Disclaimer..... This e-book, although referring to scientific knowledge, is from an energetic viewpoint and part of the new ways the human organism is changing  its energy production and absorption.

It is for the ones, such as myself, that have changed their cellular state over many years of clearing and energy work. 

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The 12 Choices of HAL Living

When we begin the conscious progression, there are many steps to take. One of them is the big change of the set up of everything that runs our society.

A guideline for the future communities is found in the 12 Choices of Living, to ensure full Sovereignty and Energetic Integrity.

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Boost Your Energy Performance

I am not going to sweet-talk you and say that all humans can achieve the full higher awareness, a human is capable of obtaining.

It takes will, daily effort and commitment that supports the energy work and goal setting. Its like training to a marathon.

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