The HAL Changemaker Alternate Reality Project

The HAL Changemaker Alternate Reality Project 2023

About the HAL CHMAR Project of 2023

What is the process of implementation of the higher awareness into new project models? How can we work with the inner-outer human axis to gain access to our full potentials and still be a good citizen in the futures to come? How can we build a better world?

The new reality transition work, we as HAL Changemakers choose to embark on, is not always working in our favor and because of that, we must be on top of the changes within the political, environmental, and economic scene of the base program.

What are the stakeholders up to from a double awareness perspective, and what are the trends of business unfolding in the high-stake challenges world, we are moving into?

The HAL Changemaker Alternate Reality Projects

using the HAL CHMAR Project Method

Choosing to live up to Our Full Potentials

The HAL CHMAR Project Method Unfold, in Pratice:

  • The Patterns of Change & the How-to Manifest New Options within the New Reality Setup.
  • The Psychology of Social Entrepreneurship.
  • The How-to-do of a Future Community Human.
  • The Sciences of the Future & How to Create these in the New Reality Program Holographic Energy Fields.
  • The Patterns that Unfold the Best Reality Potentials for All.
  • The Higher Order Sciences as Part of the New Reality.
  • The How-to Develop, Progress & the Human Awareness into Meeting up with the New Reality Requirements.

Alternate Reality Perception

On the Ability to Sense Beyond the Matter Faculties

As with any study or science, whether this belongs to the present-day reality setup or the many other realities in our sector, the conclusions made from the observed material are bound to be in alignment with the deployed consciousness capacities and our frames of references into which we interpret the perceived information and the observed material.

We cannot go beyond our scope of reality understanding, unless we learn to dynamically triangulate our data between dissimilar complex information systems, nor can we breach the limitations of the human mind unless we enhance our awareness potentials utilizing the methods of the original higher order civilizations to develop the gene code imprints and energy fields, behind the current organic bio-vessel, back into their abilities to embrace our original consciousness abilities.

A New Type of Hybrid Projects

The goals of the HAL CHMAR Project Method are to generate hybrid projects, with the aim for socio-psychological and scientific-technological changes within our reality.

The financial baseline is based upon pro-profit and non-profit hybrid business models, which means parts of the project has a business structure incorporated, or is a small business, which can be financed via the sale of process products, whereas other parts of the project are offered for free on e.g., social media, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and as part of the project/business website.

The goal of earning money is not profit for the sake of profit. The goals of income are to earn enough to pay the bills of everyday life based upon monthly and annual budget needs with reasonable costs to uphold what could be seen as functional and realistic. However, since the HAL Changemakers have already chosen a lifestyle within the spectrum of minimalism, renewable energy and live on a plant-based diet, most of these reasonable costs are aimed at rent, household etc.

Naturally, the budget should also hold posts for costs regarding upstart of business, the project itself and other means needed to run the HAL CHMAR Project. If the project can be scaled up, then the next goal is to generate surplus leading to new projects, or as investment in similar projects done by others.

The baseline business goals are thus not just within the base program profit making, but also aimed at instigating the needed processes of alternate reality implementation (outer reality action and change of perception) and integration (inner self-upgrading action and change of perception) within our sector.

The Main Goals of the Current CHMAR Project

The HAL Academy Material and Changemaker Projects facilitate the information needed to activate the original purpose of human capacities, on the individual level if we do the progression work, and on the collective level if we learn to master the energies of our reality.

We must move beyond the downsized version, we have now, and develop into a future humanity ready to enter the 5th cycle. 

Solutions to generate the higher order sciences, in order to solve all health issues, the climate changes, and the environmental challenges along with the transition challenges, instigated by the new grand cycle, within all areas of human systems and structures. The years to come will alter all aspects of what it means to be human in this world.

Subpages to the HAL CHMAR Projects in 2023

In the HAL CHMAR Projects, I work with the upcoming challenges following the New Reality Challenges and the shift within the base program these will eventually lead to.

I look into what this means in terms of starting up new forms of business & project models, as well as the practical implementation processes these new models demand.

The HAL CHMAR Project On Food, Health & Environment

Naturally, there are different methods to instigate a project and different methodologies to be followed. As mentioned above, the HAL CHMAR Projects are in nature hybrid projects, not only in terms of the concepts utilized within project execution and project management, but also due to an adding of alternate reality perception (ARP) to the projects.

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The HAL CHMAR Project on Food, Health & Environment

- The Free Material Project on YouTube & on the HAL CHMAR Project Google Site

The main HAL CHM goal is to shift the current approach to sciences and innovation into an expanded reality perception, with new ways to address the complex information systems of fields and energy, upholding our reality field.

It is also the work to learn new global political approaches to solve the challenges, humanity is facing as a hole. It is no longer an issue of national governance - it is a matter of global and united governance of our reality field - to enable us to implement the needed solutions.

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