4. HAL Template Sciences

Getting Ready for the Next Steps of the Journey 

Learn the HAL Template Sciences

The HAL Template Sciences are the next set of courses to embark on. You get the more advanced concepts of the higher order template sciences from which you can perceive yourself, others and reality in a more complex way.

It is important to graps that the higher awareness is not just an emotional or mental exercise, leading to mysticism and the inner light of bliss and enlightenment; it is as much a cognitive and energetic exercise using the higher order sciences to get to the point, where the human psyche and mind can utilize the purified and adapted energies to fuel the higher order networks of the brain.

The new structural layers, working with different forms of energy, are constructed through the processes of our psychic-energetic work. Both the processes and the new neural networks are needed to process all higher dimensional information. Without the higher order structural layers, the brain only operates within the known frequency spectrum and within the limited brain wave information networks.

Working with the HAL Template Sciences

The Progression Work is a journey into many inner and outer processes of change. It is a confrontation of our belief systems and a challenge to our psychological comfort zones..

The new approaches to the progression work might be confusing but it is the way our inner world works; there are cognitive processes, emotional patterns and then there are the unknown territories within the subconscious, being the border into the realms holding our higher order perceptions of self.

These different characteristics of the psyche must be shown to get the complete picture of the developmental journey into the unknown layers of the human constitution and from the depths of all that we are, we might find solutions to our personal developmental journey. We learn to use the inner search method to reach new potentials of what it means to be a progressive human in a world of changes and challenges.

The HAL Template Science Courses 1-4

In the first course, you get the up-to-date template sciences. The idea is to hand over the advanced template construction ideas and sciences to enable you to do template reconstruction.

The HAL Transition Science Courses, the HAL Perception Logs and the Advanced Clearing Work Courses must have been completed, since they provide the background for this course. The course also builds upon earlier material, although taking it to the next level.

In the second course, you learn how the template and its original purpose in the Pillar Project, as well as the ways the perception levels apply to the progression and developmental work today.

We recall, that the energy system and template construction were developed in the Pillar Project in our solar system to accommodate for a higher order energy system suitable for the restoration program. With the call-outs of July 2022, this work is reaching its completion cycle and thus the original solar system humans are now working to move into the 2025 timeline, where we will continue our developmental work to the best of our abilities under the remaining restrictions of the invading races.

In the third course, you learn about the template and its storage purpose. We also look into different configurations and how these work with the reality field timelines to undo the effects of the TLE.

The HAL Transition Sciences, the Advanced Clearing Work Courses and the Template Science Courses 1-2 must have been completed, since they provide the background for this series.

In this additional course, we complete the Progression Work with a series of extras relevant for the Progression Work. We also look into the future and begin the ideas behind the 5th cycle consciousness.

The podcasts generate an overviewof some of the issues that were not discussed in the Progression Work Coursematerial, as well as adding the last pieces of the puzzle of the ProgressionWork, leading to the next steps of the 5th Cycle Activation Work.

How to Do This?

You learn via the HAL Academy Course Material. Each Course consists of text material, podcasts and Q&As where you can ask the in-depth questions to the material and I will assist you in getting further in your learning processes with special tailored answers meant for you and your process.

You study in your own pace. I will send the material to you and get you connected to Vimeo. If you are in need of support, please connect to me and I will guide you on the how-to.

You Learn the HAL Academy Course Material via PDF and Podcasts, teaching the concepts in theory and via practical exercises. All HAL Academy Courses have inbuilt personal contact and Q&As.

All HAL Academy Material has the Option of extra Personal Sessions and Mentoring via the HAL Psychic-Energetic Counselling.

We communicate over the Internet, via Skype or Email.

You sign up by paying the fee for each course via HAL Academy Webshop

When PayPal, Stripe or your bank (if you choose bank transfer) has notified me, you get a welcome email from me, giving the details of how to get access to the podcasts on Vimeo, along with the course material.

The HAL Changemaker Material

What is the process of the implementation of the higher awareness? How can we work with the inner-outer human axis to gain access to our full potentials and still be a good citizen in the futures to come?

Any Questions to the HAL Template Sciences?

Please write me an email, if you have questions to the HAL Progression Work Courses or the HAL Academy.