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The HAL New Living Free Material

The HAL New Living Free Material is the first section of information to begin with. Here you get the foundational concepts of the progression work and new frames of reference from which you can perceive yourself, others and reality in a new way.

Mastery of Choices

In this series, I discuss the 12 Principles of Progression. These are intrinsic to the original domains of reality, and therefore cannot be defined on a general level. But here we work with the first 9 as a start. The deeper work with the Principles are part of the HAL Transition Sciences.

Mastery of Life

In this series of podcasts, I discuss the psychological work I see as needed to match the challenges of humanity - now and in the future. I am referring to the 3 paths, which I explored further in the HAL Academy YouTube Channel (My Take on Buddhism). The deeper work is explained in the Transition & Template Sciences.

Continue with the HAL New Living Free Material 2019

Below are the next 3 sets of HAL Courses from 2019. Here we lay the foundation of the Transition Sciences and the developmental work with the lower fields. 

You need an account on Vimeo to get access - its for free - follow the instructions when you click on the button GET ACCESS....its easy and furthermore, you will need an account if you choose to continue with the HAL Academy Courses and other HAL Material.

1. Learn About Relative Reality & Time Matrix

In this course, the dynamics behind the Relative Reality and the Time Matrix are explained, including the basic understandings of the Principles, the Rules and the Natural Laws of Energy Utilization. Read text in PDF & Listen to Podcasts.

2. Get an Overview of the Lower Fields Work

In the HAL Integrated Class 5, the developmental work with the lower order fields are outlined. The course offers the grand overview of what we are to reach in our clearing work with the lower field.

3. Summing Up Before We Move On

In the HAL Integrated Class 6, we sum up the basic material in order to create synthesis and a broad overview of the work. With this course, incl. the others, you then have the basic tools to continue

Below is a new selection of HAL Material from 2015-2019.

This information is to be seen as the background information for the Basic & Advanced Clearing Work Courses.

In my book, Terralogy (BOD 2015), I focus on how to activate the humanoid genetics - and as you will learn later - in order to clear them out. The background for the advanced clearing work is in this book.

Understanding the Chakras

In this series, I dive into some of the ideas behind the concepts of the Chakra Teaching system. Naturally not from a new age point of view,. We need new ways of working with energy in the self-upgrading sciences. And this also means to look at the old systems of thought in a new light.

In my book, Modern History (BOD 2018), I work with the remaining pieces of the puzzle to grasp our reality, its history, the otherworldly races, the enhanced humans and what current day humans are part of. 

My Take On Buddhism

In this series of podcasts, I compare the major religions to find the answers of the threefold paths: The Path of Liberation, the Path of Awakening and the Path of Enlightenment. I also work with the symbolic representation in the stories behind the main cultures of the 4th cycle.

The HAL Progression Work Material combines and elevates known concepts into a higher order system of thought in new profound ways to systemize what it means to be an expanded human, working under an alternate worldview governed by advanced psychic-energetic sciences and how we can cope with the new world as it unfolds around us.

Questions to the HAL New Living Free Material?

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