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Most humans could be able to perceive the higher order realities, if they trained the higher order senses and abilities, needed to operate in the other realities.

It can be learned, just as we can learn to work with our emotions, to develop these, as well as developing our brains to process complex information structures.

As with all new sciences, it takes will and effort to learn this. It is not something that appears one day in our heads, and then we know it all. All new information must be worked with to develop the neuro-synaptic structure, in order to process the new information, be it energetically or scientific.

The classes in the HAL Academy are thus built up in a manner that integrates the processes needed for a higher awareness lifestyle.


I have made it a way of life to exist within a higher awareness and from that do the attempt to create a new human future.

People can only change, if they learn how to. But changes take time. Changes provoke, can create fear - in self and others - and changes challenge us in all our beliefs, stir up our comfort zone, and force us to review, reconsider and reevaluate the ways we live.


I am a professional psychotherapist, licensed and examed, and I have a Bachelor degree in Theology from the University of Copenhagen (I am not religious, but needed to understand the Bible from a scientific point of view, including learning how to read it in ancient Hebrew, ancient Greek and Latin).

I have also studied and passed the exams at Copenhagen Business School in Organization, Management and Human Resources. To top this, I have taken many minor courses over the years within business, accounting, computer sciences, psycho-religious studies. I am a licensed healer too.

I have had my own business for over 12 years now, beginning as a psychotherapist, then adding the healing and from my work with my clients, I have developed the Higher Awareness Lifestyle.

It has all amounted into the HAL Project and the HAL Academy where I teach the higher order sciences for an expanded and activated humanity.


Years of Practice: 12+

Educations - to name the most important ones:

BA Courses in Psycho-Religious Studies (1992)

BA Courses in Dream Interpretation and Therapy Forms (1993-1996)

Examinated Studies in Organisation & Management (1994-1996)

Licensed Psychotherapist - Existential Psychotherapy (1998-2001)

Examined Healer & Energy Worker (2004)

Examined Courses in Anatomy & Physiology (2008)

BA Theology, University of Copenhagen (2010-2013)

Licensed Psychotherapist

Psychotherapeutic Institute

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Bachelor of Theology

University of Copenhagen

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