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If you are new to the ideas of the Higher Awareness Lifestyle (called HAL for short), I suggest you read my 2014-2017 books, such as the Souls of Humanity and Modern History. Terralogy is a good read to understand how the humanoid regressed genetics work in humans, and Understanding the Old Stellar Souls is a fine supplement to grasp some of the restrictions, which have been put onto our higher order energy system.

To complete the HAL ideas, and what you need to know to meet up with the NGC changes in the years to come, the HAL Philosophy is a must read.

Of course, I can only advice you to do my HAL Classes & Courses. 

The HAL Classes & Courses deliver the 2017-2019 concepts and information.

And then, if you want to continue, the HAL Educations.


I do not claim, what I know, to be general science or the truth of all there is. It is what I have experienced, observed and from that I have created my ideas, according to the brain capacity I had at the time and the abilities, I had developed to read the information in the different timelines, just like anybody else working with energetic information and the nature of things.

The way, I gain information is not through channeling. It stems from the timeline work and the reading of the information I get on the timelines. If there is communication with other density humans or regressed races, it is through a direct encounter energetically, visually and auditory using my energy fields as the place for this arrangement in the other dimensions. Every piece of information, I receive, I exam through the looking-glass of the higher order scientific knowledge to eliminate any distortion and subconscious material. Naturally, if this appears, I clear it out to reach the accurate level of information.

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HAL and Social Responsibility

What can the HAL Project add to the world and its demand for more social responsibility?

By educating people into being the best version a human can be.

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