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The Class Material

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There is no text material to this class but reading the HAL Books give a lot of answers.

The 8 Videos

Uploaded on Vimeo in private groups. A free Vimeo account is needed to access the group with the 8 videos.

Email Questions 

As you study the material, you can ask questions via email.

The 2 Annual Webinars

A good idea would be to join the webinars.

Price for the Class

EUR 135 paid via PayPal.


The Overview of this HAL Class

The HAL Advanced Energy Work consists of 8 explanatory videos teaching the advanced clearing work. There is no text material to the class but reading the HAL books give a lot of the context needed for the energy work videos - it is for the advanced and for the ones that have got the higher order senses developed.

Especially the HAL Philosophy book is a good read.

The videos give examples of how tyou can do the advanced clearing work on the other-dimensional realities and how to remove the prohibiting technologies. Many of the advanced concepts of the clearing work are explained, and of course, why you should do it.

The 4 Email Q&As

You have the possibility for 4 email Q&As related to the content of this class, while you do the HAL Advanced Energy Work Class.

As you go through the HAL Classes & Courses, most of what you can think of, regarding the progression work, will be answered. The HAL Material is built up to ensure no stone is left unturned. Also remember to do the HAL Advanced Classes 1-4, which are for free.

Please notice the email Q&As are only for the HAL material. No personal questions.

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Also read Terralogy and Modern History.

And read the HAL Philosophy to get the context of what is taught in the videos.

HAL and Social Responsibility

What can the HAL Project add to the world and its demand for more social responsibility?

By educating people into being the best version a human can be.

Donation? Yes Please!

I appreciate all financial support to the HAL Project.

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