The HAL Advanced Classes 1-4



The Class Material

Will be sent to you on email over 4 months.

The Layout of the Text

You will get it as a PDF. It is set up in A5 book layout, if you want to print it out.

The 32 Videos

Uploaded on Vimeo in private groups. A free Vimeo account is needed to access the group with the 32 videos.

Email Questions 

As you study the material, you can ask questions via email.

Completing the Classes with a Skype Session

You complete the classes with a 40-60 min session.

Price for the 4 Classes

EUR 580 paid over 4 months as a subscription.


The Overview of these HAL Classes 

The HAL Advanced Classes 1-4 consist of explanatory text material and 32 videos with ideas of how to live according to HAL.

The advanced concepts of the progression work are explained, and why you should do it.

The videos teach you the progression work in practical terms, and how to adjust your ways of perceiving reality to HAL.

The Headlines of the Text Classes 1, 3 & 4

  • The more advanced understanding of what progression work is.
  • Clarity on the integration work and the awakening process.
  • The choices, we all face every day.
  • How to work energetically with food, medicine and supplements.
  • Understanding more about what the soul is.
  • Understanding the template build up and the progression work.

The HAL Advanced Class 2 & the Rotundum

The HAL Advanced Class 2 & the Rotundum teach about the energetic sequences of the day, month and year. 

As we get a grip of the higher awareness lifestyle, creating a daily discipline of what to work with is important and the Rotundum will assist us in that by giving us the energy of the physical reality, the emotional and mental fields and what the collective infuses into them on the day.

The Skype Call at the end of the 4 months

The price includes one 40-60 min session done over Skype, where we can discuss the text material and the videos after the 4 months. Remember the email Q&A option you have as well.

Date will be given when you sign up - typically a Sunday evening Danish time, which means morning time US. Or if you live in Australia, Sunday evening for you. I will adjust the Skype session to where you live. When you sign up, Skype name and further instructions will be given in the welcome email.

You pay over 4 months as a monthly subscription. Click on the button and you will be directed to PayPal, where you can sign up.


You Pay EUR 145 per month. Each month one class will be sent to you.

- As you click on the button, you are connected to PayPal, where you can pay for the classes via your account or by credit card.

- If the page turns up in Danish, click on the right side of your mouse and choose translate. Or use the translation option PayPal offers.

- Once I get the notification from PayPal, I will send an email to you with all the information, you need to get started.

HAL and Social Responsibility

What can the HAL Project add to the world and its demand for more social responsibility?

By educating people into being the best version a human can be.

Donation? Yes Please!

I appreciate all financial support to the HAL Project.

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