The Future Reality Challenges

The Future Reality Challenges

In the HAL Future material, I continue the higher order developmental process of teaching the higher order awareness the original solar system civilizations lived by. The goal is to get as many as possible to develop the inner and outer skills to meet up with the requirements of the remaining parts of the 4th cycle and enable as many as possible to enter into the 5th cycle and do the return to the higher order realities.

Time is of essence for us inside the artificial reality, we call our world. Although the original holographic worlds are outside of time, we exist inside the remnants of the less progressive universe (the LPU) and its technologies, and we are consequently subjected to the devastation dynamics and the completion cycles, our system is undergoing in its reset process into the original density 1 configuration. 

What Are the Future Reality Challenges?

The process of returning to the original functionality of the density 1 outer domains as a place to undo, clear out and transform energy into its higher order equivalent, is part of the 5th cycle inner and outer work. In the 5th cycle, we can do the return path back into the density 2 middle domain and onward.


It is so, because all developmental domains function under the Laws of the Cycles of the original 12 universes, and since the other 11 universes are elevating into new evolutionary cycles, the domains of our reality must begin its elevation as well, and discard what cannot move into the next steps of the evolutionary cycles, determined by the new universal cycles in the making.

In the completion cycles, a reality system along with the races living here, they must follow with the elevation cycles where all that is viable will be pushed into an activation and clean up cycle and what cannot follow will be moved into pralaya, that is the resting state until a new similar cycle returns or, alternatively, being transferred to other similar systems where the same form of energy and consciousness prevails. Everything else will cross the threshold of the fall zones and begin the evaporation processes, using the Black Hole Technology.

The resetting of the core of our sun as an outer domain sun has been completed and our sun no longer holds density 2 middle domain energies. It is in full a density 1 outer domain sun undergoing its own completion cycle, and this process has initiated a similar process in the outer domain core systems within the planets in our solar system, resetting them to original code settings of the solar system as an outer domain density 1 system.

We are to meet up to this process of clearing work from the colonizers and their inserted technologies, and at the same time complete our transition into the density 2 middle domain energetic configuration, which in essence is the resetting into the original solar system code systems and consciousness structures of the original human races.

At the same time the New Grand Cycle (the NGC) technologies are activating and clearing up the ancient programs and the original solar system construction created to solve various issues of the older cycles, as an attempt to get as many to do the elevation cycle the last time. It is clear that these programs did not work, and thus this time around, the clean up to move on is done as it should have been done a long time ago.

To be able to adjust to the code systems of the original reality settings - without capitulating to the technologically driven hybrid races and their genetic modification programs - we must relearn the sciences of the original universal lineages and their root races that once inhabited our solar system. We must reunite with our original purpose and function as members of these long-gone advanced civilizations.

This is the most reasonable path to take, that is to return to the original knowledge taught in the Pillar Project, aka the ancient Er´th Program, that unfolded as the first attempts to reunite the technological driven races with the original 12 progressive Universal Cycles. We must take this path, as I see it, because that is the very foundation of all that we are. The templates, our organic vessels are built upon, hold the holographic architecture utilized in the Er´Th Program and thus, the reconstruction of this must follow the sciences taught in the Pillar Project.

With this understanding, we also grasp that the template, its 6-dimensional energy system and the template genetics utilized in the Pillar Project, i.e., the foundation of our energetic-organic vessel and lower order 3-dimensional energy system, are subjected to the processes in our solar system, because whatever was utilized in the current reality setting has been taken from the Pillar Project.

The Challenges Ahead of Us

In these podcasts I discuss the challenges that are implied in the future setup, from the financial issues to the psychological challenges. In the end, what are we really to learn to cope with, so that we can meet up with the new reality settings, challenges and choices?

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The 5th Cycle Awakening Process

The new human paradigm grows from the inner reality of higher order integrated humans. When detached from the lower level of the reality structure, we are part of, humans get access to their higher order potentials i.e. the original plan for the different races that that came to this reality field to do their restoring after the timeline event.

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Leaving the 4th - Entering the 5th Cycle

Aside from the sum up presented in this video, the in-depth explanations are given in NGC Transition Courses. From the Basic Ideas to the Transition Sciences and the Advanced Clearing work, the NGC Transition Material work with what is needed to complete the 4th cycle and enter the future realities, either the new synergetic reality field composed of the elevated 5th cycle timelines and holographic code systems from parallel Earth and our Earth, or within otherworldly realities connected to our system.

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