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Are we really living up to our full potentials as humans? I would say no. I want to change that. I want us all to be more...do more...live more...

Instead, most tend to float around like leaves in the wind, in a merry go round of ideas of why we are, what we are and if we are the top or the bottom of the human evolution.

The narratives of what we are, and what we can become, change according to what others tell us. The story others define for us. The social media, politicians, marketers, religions, spiritual groups and ideas along with the ongoing inner self-justification voice, telling us that we are doing okay – all considered – or the opposite, that we are total failures.

The sense of self changes as the circumstances of life changes, and in many ways, the prevailing concepts of self as being a creature, created by someone or something else, has not led humanity into the needed conscious evolution, where we really live up to our full potentials.

Few are really living in the conscious way that is demanded to live in worlds made of energy, ready to be transformed into something higher to continue the forever ongoing evolution of consciousness within different cycles of energy and purpose. 

The HAL New Living Online Material

- Learn about higher awareness, galactic history and the new psychic-energetic abilities...

HAL New Living - On Nutrition

In the section on High Energy Nutrition, we begin the higher awareness journey by understanding why we have to become plant-fruitarians. No dead animals for us as food. First basic rule is non-exploitation of other lifeforms to sustain our existence.

HAL New Living - On Exercise

Daily physical training is important to get our body adapted to function with the new protein structures that are in the plant-fruitarian diet. The more energy work we are doing, the easier it is to get the new diet integrated since our cells learn to absorb energy from the food.

HAL New Living - On Work

The HAL Business Ideas work from the original purpose of our existence and how we utilized energy to transform reality.

The goal is to make work an integrated part of our progression journey and daily transformative energy work.

The HAL New Living Sessions

If you need to talk about your process with changing your diet, or have issues with how to put together a daily traning program, or if you are thinking about starting up your own business, I suggest you do a HAL Session with me.

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