The HAL Pioneers Work

The HAL Pioneer Work Aims for

a Better Future



What type of world do we want? We must begin to build our matrix of change and develop a higher order perspective of our reality. We need this to truly get the full implications of what is going on here.

We have to learn about energy and how to develop all that we are into a higher awareness human. We are not just up against a human world gone wrong here - it stretches far beyond into our past where we belonged to otherworldly advanced civilizations.

We can only change our world, if humanity changes too. Being what we are today will not face up to the  transition dynamics coming our way.

We need people educated about the higher order sciences. Aware humans knowing how to develop consciousness, energy and lifeforce.

We need people who are able to work with the holographic realities and not just by mechanical means. but by the use of original human knowledge. 

The HAL Changemaker News - July 22nd 2022

Changes are happeningJuly in our reality field program.

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The Ethics of the HAL Pioneers

  • We work and learn to develop our full consciousness potentials.
  • We work to unfold the highest energetic, intellectual and emotional performance in life, generating a high-performance culture with progressive attitudes to self, others and our reality.
  • We do what it takes to live in progressive ways, in order to support a sustainable future under the energies of the future cycles of evolution.
  • We do what it takes to learn the higher order scientific thinking processes, from where complexity choices can be made using the correct energetic level of information.

The Transition of Our Reality Field 

The future is not just about reconnecting to and attaining our higher order capacities; it is also about the full understanding of our participation in an evolutionary journey across several universes, where other human races exist and are doing their version of a human developmental progression journey in order to master all forms of energy and consciousness in the reality they are part of.

Time is of essence for us inside this artificial reality, we call our world. Although the original holographic worlds are outside of time, we exist inside the remnants of the less progressive universe (the LPU) and its technologies, and on top of that, we are consequently subjected to the outer domain and its dynamics of fall and rise, construction and deconstruction, along with the universal completion cycle of this era.

This completion process is also called the New Grand Cycle (the NGC), where all existing evolutionary cycles reset or are reconstructed to prepare for the next set of 12 universal cycles to be unfolded into our universal construction. And along with that, groups of new races and species to inhabit these cycles of progression, evolution of energy and consciousness unfolded into all sorts of higher order civilizations from which new inventions, a plethora of lifeforms and consciousness configurations will be developed.

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The HAL 2025 Timeline Forerunner Material

The Needed Skillsets of a 2025 Timeline Forerunner:

  • Mental and emotional abilities to adjust to changes, following the 5th cycle dynamics
  • High-functionality emotionally, mentally and physically, to cope with 5th cycle challenges
  • The Skills to develop resilience, in times of energetic resistance and counter energies
  • A flexible personality structure needed to unfold transformation and transmutation skills
  • Ability to perceive energetic trends and energetic patterns, both locally and globally
  • Ability to decode information streams correctly, both locally and globally
  • Timeline alteration ability and the ability to jump timelines, both locally and globally

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The HAL Sciences of the Future

Studying the higher order sciences cannot be done in the manner, most are accustomed to from the general human educations. Instead….


  • We are to contemplate upon the information to integrate it.
  • We are to learn to activate the energy units of our brain and mental field according to what we have learned in meditation.
  • We are to build spiral patterns from the information.
  • What we learn must be processed into energies of a higher order from where we can build a new energy system.


The learning process of the higher order sciences is therefore not a linear learning exercise. It is an energetic state of awareness and of the code systems behind whatever state of awareness, we have.


  • What we have knowledge of, defines our energy system.
  • What we have knowledge of, determines what we perceive.
  • The consciousness units are built from these two conditions.