The HAL Transition Articles

The HAL Transition Articles...

The HAL Transition Articles

Studying the higher order sciences cannot be done in the manner, most are accustomed to from the general human educations. Instead….


  • We are to contemplate upon the information to integrate it.
  • We are to learn to activate the energy units of our brain and mental field according to what we have learned in meditation.
  • We are to build spiral patterns from the information.
  • What we learn must be processed into energies of a higher order from where we can build a new energy system.

The learning process of the higher order sciences is therefore not a linear learning exercise. It is an energetic state of awareness and of the code systems behind whatever state of awareness, we have.


  • What we have knowledge of, defines our energy system.
  • What we have knowledge of, determines what we perceive.
  • The consciousness units are built from these two conditions.


Hence, we are building a higher order energy system by utilizing the worked-with information and code systems in the knowledge that is obtained.

On The Planetary Activation Cycle

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In this series of podcasts, I focus on the 5th cycle timelines and the work, we need to do to keep up with the energy work that is needed to bridge the future timelines to our reality.

They also explain why you should to the HAL Academy Courses, using these as the anchor point of the original purpose and function of our solar system, and the races we came from.

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The HAL Transition Articles


In a completion cycle, a reality &  its races, must follow the dynamics of the elevation cycles.


For those with a higher order perception, reality is more than just the materialistic world.


Knowing the inner states of consciousness and dimensional races will be part of the future.