Alternate Reality Perception

Alternate Reality Perception

On the Ability to Sense Beyond the Matter Faculties

As with any study or science, whether this belongs to the present-day reality setup or the many other realities in our sector, the conclusions made from the observed material are bound to be in alignment with the deployed consciousness capacities and our frames of references into which we interpret the perceived information and the observed material.

We cannot go beyond our scope of reality understanding, unless we learn to dynamically triangulate our data between dissimilar complex information systems, nor can we breach the limitations of the human mind unless we enhance our awareness potentials utilizing the methods of the original higher order civilizations to develop the gene code imprints and energy fields, behind the current organic bio-vessel, back into their abilities to embrace our original consciousness abilities.

My approach has nothing to do with esoteric spirituality, although I began my work within that framework. This new way of perceiving reality is founded within the contexts of the higher order sciences and the higher order awareness potentials and thus completely outside the spiritual and religious frameworks. These old belief systems are of no use to us, if we want to exercise the higher order sciences and learn to live in worlds beyond our current conceptualisation of what it means to be human. In fact, the old belief systems stand in the way of the higher order sciences.

What is Alternate Reality Perception?

For those of us, living with a higher order perception turned on, reality is far more than just the materialistic world with its atomic matter and frequency perceptions. Naturally, we perceive according to what type of neural networks we have switched on in the brain and what type of energy these are processing, as well as what have been set to be the general accepted perception of reality, as defined by science and the commonwealth. Not that this information is wrong, it is just limited to hold information systems within the 5% Byronic matter spectrum of our reality as well as the visible spectrum of light that is detectable for the eyes and the electrochemical processes in the visual cortex.

Most people perceive within, the defined by sciences, normal range of the frequency spectrum and the vibrational dynamics determined by the cellular rotation angle and by that the cellular electromagnetic fields. This ensures the, for now, determined interference pattern in alignment with the energies processed by the Earth´s magnetic field as well as the ELF settings of the Schumann Resonance. Our cells vibrate in alignment with these and by that create our perception of reality, again within the generally accepted energetic 5%.

However, a growing number of humans are starting to perceive - as in seeing and sensing in psychic-energetic ways by switched-on altered states of awareness (not artificially induced or by chemical means) - the otherworldly realms that are part of our reality field. I am not here talking about quantum sight, so to speak, but the higher order scientific dimensional understanding and higher density level perception which are equally part of our reality field.