The HAL Project Changemaker Courses

The HAL Project Changemaker Courses

- Learning the Progressive Way to Changes

The HAL Project Changemaker Courses

For those of us, living with a higher order perception turned on, reality is far more than just the materialistic world with its atomic matter and frequency perceptions.

Naturally, we perceive according to what type of neural networks we have switched on in the brain and what type of energy these are processing, as well as what have been set to be the general accepted perception of reality, as defined by science and the commonwealth. 

Thus, a growing number of humans are starting to perceive - as in seeing and sensing in psychic-energetic ways by switched-on altered states of awareness (not artificially induced or by chemical means) - the otherworldly realms that are part of our reality field.

We need the higher order scientific dimensional understanding and higher density level perception which are equally part of our reality field, if we are to get ready for the futures to come.

The HAL Project Changemaker Courses

The HAL Project Changemaker Courses

It is a higher awareness process involving higher order sciences, advanced psychology and implementation of strategies.

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The HAL Project Changemaker Courses combine and elevate known concepts into a higher order system of thought in new profound ways to systemize what it means to be an expanded human, working under an alternate worldview governed by advanced psycho-energetic sciences and how we can cope with the new world as it unfolds around us.

The HAL Changemaker Courses are built up in a step-ladder way, which means that each podcast holds individual pieces of the changemaker processes.


You study the HAL Academy Material Online as self-study. You study when it suits you. 

You Learn the HAL Course Material via PDF and Podcasts, Teaching the Concepts in Theory and via Practical Exercises. We communicate over the Internet, via Skype (if you choose to do sessions with me) or email for the Q&As that is part of the courses.

You sign up by paying the fee for each course via PayPal. When PayPal has notified me, you get a welcome email from me, giving the details of how to get access to the podcasts on Vimeo, along with the course material.

1. Becoming a HAL Project Changemaker

In the first course, we explore what it means to be a HAL Project Changemaker. The higher order awareness is part of this and thus the challenges are different for us, wanting to transform and adapt.

Read more in the Course Overview.

3. Understanding the Skillsets of a Path Cutter

In the third course, we explore what the future potentially could bring on a personal level along with the what and the how to cut our personal path in the web of reality programs and timelines.

Read more in the Course Overview.

2. Understanding the Skillsets of a Chaos Pilot

In the second course, we focus on the psychology of transition and the traits of a chaos pilot, navigating through the changes of the futures ahead of us. A changemaker must be a chaos pilot too.

Read more in the Course Overview.

4. Heading Towards Future On-Earth Communities

In the last course, we complete the HAL Project Changemaker Courses by looking into what a future density 1 reality field would look like, and what is required of us, getting ready for the 5th cycle work.

Read more in the Course Overview.

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