The HAL 2025 Timeline Forerunner Material

The 2025 Timeline Awaits Our Participation

We are the Forerunners Pioneering for the Future

How can we work with the inner-outer human axis to gain access to our full potentials and still be a good citizen in the futures to come?

How can we choose a future that suits our goals and ideas of a better world?

To move beyond this reality, the correct sciences of what we truly are, how we are constructed energetically, as well as how we change our energy system code configuration and vibrate our consciousness units into a higher order density domain configuration of our system, and relearn the higher order sciences needed to align energetically and consciously with the future realities and their worlds beyond our current system. Obtaining the true knowledge is thus understanding how to work with energy and how to transform the holographic code systems behind all lifeforms and systems of reality.

The Middle Domain Transition

Our Solar System is in the Completion Cycles

In the HAL 2025 Forerunner material, I continue the higher order developmental process of teaching the higher order awareness of our solar system, in order to achieve the HAL Project goals of educating as many as possible to be able to do the Middle Domain Transition of our system, unfolding in this century.


Time is of essence for us inside the artificial reality, we call our world. Although the original holographic worlds are outside of time, we exist inside the remnants of the less progressive universe (the LPU) and its technologies, and we are consequently subjected to the devastation dynamics and the completion cycles, our system is undergoing in its reset process into the original density 1 configuration. And with that, the process of returning to the original functionality of the density 1 outer domains as a place to undo, clear out and transform energy into its higher order equivalent so that we can do the return path back into the density 2 middle domain and onward.

It is so, because all developmental domains function under the Laws of the Cycles of the original 12 universes, and since the other 11 universes are elevating into new evolutionary cycles, the domains of our reality must begin its elevation as well, and discard what cannot move into the next steps of the evolutionary cycles, determined by the new universal cycles in the making.

The HAL 2025 Timeline Forerunners 

- Step by Step

The HAL Forerunner Material

What is a 2025 Forerunner?

In the HAL 2025 Timeline Forerunner podcasts, we will look into the upcoming changes in the ways we live and the ways we perceive reality, and what we need to adjust to on the 2025 timelines, focused around the 5th cycle.

Step 1

The HAL Forerunner Courses

The HAL 2025 Timeline Forerunner Courses investigate what it mean to be an expanded human, living with the 5th cycle higher order awareness, and how far we can push the implementation of this into the current set-up.

Step 2

About the Courses

In the HAL 2025 Timeline Forerunner material, we will look into the upcoming changes in the ways we live and the ways we perceive reality, and what we need to adjust to on the 2025 timelines, focused around the 5th cycle.

The new meta-normal for humans, ready to enter the 5th cycle and its timelines, will begin its kick-off in 2022 and run until December 2025. We have had glimpses of the trends and dynamics the last three years. These have been a type of test run. We are in for a meta-shift of proportions; we have not grasped the implications of yet.


Reclaim your multidimensional, cosmic and holographic capacities.

The HAL Advanced Energy Work Courses show you the way to break free of your energetic limitations and the base program.

Reclaim your abilities to work with consciousness and holographic energy. The HAL Higher Order Sciences teach the methods to achieve this. Understand the Principles, the Rules and the Laws of Energy.

Reclaim your rights to become an upgraded and expanded human.

The HAL Transition Sciences show you the ways to break free of the energetic limitations and explain the transformation processes in detail.

Get ready for the transition challenges, the shift of the sun and the new type of energy work with the Changemaker Material.

We are in for a Change of Massive Proportions & We Must Be Ready.

Via the HAL Advanced Psychotherapy, you can do HAL Sessions with me over Skype. Here we discuss the sciences within the framework of your personal develoopment and level of universal knowledge, you need.

Any Questions to the HAL Forerunner Material?

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