The 2025 Timeline Forerunner Courses

The HAL 2025 Timeline Forerunners.....

Are we Heading for a Psychic-Energetic Paradigm Shift in the Collective Fields of Humanity? And if so, which psychic-energetic skills are required to be a 2025 timeline forerunner?

The Needed Skillsets of a 2025 Timeline Forerunner

A Forerunner for the Future Timelines must have:

  • Mental and emotional abilities to adjust to changes, following the 5th cycle dynamics.
  • High-functionality emotionally, mentally and physically, to address and cope with 5th cycle challenges.
  • Resilience, and skills to develop resilience, in times of energetic resistance and counter energies.
  • A flexible and viable personality structure needed to develop transformation and transmutation skills.
  • Ability to read and understand energetic trends and energetic patterns, both locally and globally
  • Ability to decode information streams correctly, locally and globally.
  • The ability to jump timelines, locally and globally.
  1. Some degree of knowledge of MIC, SAC and Galactic History either from my material or from other/own sources. You need this as background information.
  2. Some understanding of timeline work, how to clear and adapt timelines. More advanced skillsets and understanding of the timeline work can be learned in the HAL Progression Work Courses.
  3. Trained work with the personality structure to develop resilience and personal maturity, via years of inner work, psychological work and meditation.
  4. Personal experiences from inter-, intra- and meta-dimensional levels of our reality.
  5. Basic integrated healthy lifestyle with some sort of daily routine of exercise, fully plant-based diet, energy work and self-healing done to maintain and develop your higher order capacities.

About the HAL Forerunner Courses

In the HAL 2025 Timeline Forerunner material, we look into the ways we perceive reality, and what we need to adjust to on the 2025 timelines, focused around the 5th cycle.

The new meta-normal for humans, ready to enter the 5th cycle, will begin its kick-off in 2022 and run until December 2025. We have had glimpses of the trends and dynamics the last three years. These have been a type of test run. We are in for a meta-shift of proportions; we have not grasped the implications of yet.

1. Becoming a HAL 2025 Timeline Forerunner

In the first course, we explore what it means to be a HAL 2025 Timeline Forerunner. The higher order awareness is part of this and the challenges are first and foremost of a scientific nature.

Read more in the Course Overview.

3. The Systemic-Dynamic 5th Cycle Reality Model

In the third course, we explore what a 5th cycle future could bring and how we can begin the transition within this lifetime. along with the what and the how. We explore the reality sciences as well.

Read more in the Course Overview.

2. The 2025 Timeline Holographic Mastery

In the second course, we focus on the 5D version of the transformative energy system. The 2025 timeline forerunner must learn to administer the 5D code stream version of the holographic units.

Read more in the Course Overview.

4. Heading Towards Future Human Communities

In the last course, we complete the HAL Forerunner Courses by looking into what a future density 1 reality field would look like, and what is required of us, living with the 5th cycle awareness.

Read more in the Course Overview.

Any Questions to the Forerunner Courses?

Please write me an email, if you have questions to the HAL Online Courses or the HAL Academy.