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The HAL Project Open Resources

The goal of the HAL Project Open Resources is to inspire to develop the higher order awareness in those who are interested.

Perhaps, the ideas presented in the free material can generate progressive, communicative, developmental and environmental awareness and lead to new creational projects and new business projects.

Thus, there is a need for people who are willing to do the HAL Progression Work to develop themselves into a new type of human. Or more correctly, return to their true human self. As long as humans are having the incorrect understanding of who and what they are, including the deceptive and incorrect ways of working with consciousness and energy, they will have a useless understanding of self, others and of reality.

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Humanity is to adapt to the energetic changes and learn to live in energetic flux as the other dimensions become an integral part of our perception of reality.

We are to learn to administer the effects of the past, the present and the future in our daily efforts to follow the Universal Principles, Laws and Rules, which originally governed our world.

Humanity has to develop a new awareness based upon an interactive reality, with new sciences, with new concepts of energy and matter, and the awareness of higher order realities.

With the higher awareness lifestyle (HAL), changes are bound to unfold in the human inner and outer perception field and develop the psychological faculties, altering what it means to be human. We need to remember how to truly progress.

Progression is about taking full responsibility for all that we are and change what does not work, relative to what we want to become.

It is also about facing the challenges of our lives, in this world, to get to where we are supposed to be and in that, reunite with the energetic standards and progression rate of our system.

The life we have, and our surroundings, show us where we are on the progression spiral and what we need to clear to gain the highest purity rate by unfolding the highest standards in what we exemplify, what we create and what we are.

We do that to achieve the highest progression rate, which ensures an emplacement on the progression spiral according to our deeds, actions and achievements.

The inner and outer progression work focus on what is attainable and achievable to guarantee a better emplacement in the upcoming rounds of existence as well as the work to upgrade our current energy system and template, which will secure the changes we need to see in the world.

We can only change the world, if humanity changes. Being what we are now will not face up to what is brewing.

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The main idea of the HAL Project Page is to share information about our world from a higher awareness perspective and via this new way of sharing information, to provide new concepts of what it means to be human.

The HAL Project looks into the new ways of being human in a world of change and new challenges.

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The HAL Project Online Library

The HAL Project Online Library is a selection of information from the Internet. The selection is taken from sources with a solid foundation within general science and accepted information platforms found in diverse web-universes. It can also be from people with a solid background within general sciences, albeit having utilized this in different ways to generate their new worldview.

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We need people educated into the higher order sciences. Aware humans knowing about energy and consciousnesses. People who are able to work with the holographic grids and not just by mechanical means. but by the use of original human knowledge. To have the original double awareness.

The double awareness combines the ability to be in the world, as it is and master this, and at the same time access the alternate reality settings our world and solar system are based upon.

Obtaining higher awareness is a lifelong study and it is nested into deep-rooted traditions of the other reality energy work. It is not done in a summer holiday course or via searching the Internet. It takes more than that.

It is a journey into all of the layers of what it means to be human. And the world needs new ways of being human. At the end of the day, it is up to us to take a stand on which type of future do we want to create and manifest.

So, the first steps of the higher awareness journey have always been to master the basics of reality, or reality as it is, and with efficacy.

The HAL Project Open Resources are part of that journey into the deeper work entering the alternate realities of our world.