About the HAL Academy


Most humans are able to perceive the higher order realities, but they must be trained in the use of their higher order senses and abilities, needed to operate in the other realities.

Higher order perception can be learned, just as we can learn to work with our emotions, to develop these, as well as developing our brains to process complex information structures.

As with all new sciences, it takes will and effort to learn this. It is not something that one day appears in our heads, and then we know it all. All new information must be worked with to develop the neuro-synaptic structure and pathways in order to process the information, be it energetically or scientifically.


We must make it a way of life to exist in this world, using our higher awareness, and at the same time do the attempt to create a new human future.

People can only change, if they learn how to. But changes take time. Changes provoke, can create fear - in self and others - and changes challenge us in all our beliefs, stir up our comfort zone, and force us to review, reconsider and reevaluate the ways we live.


The HAL Academy learning processes and educational material are first and foremost aimed at developing the in-depth abilities to the discern between different states of awareness.

The learning processes are about getting to know what true knowledge is and how to use that knowledge in order to progess our energy fields. However, the higher order knowledge is not present-day sciences (these can be used to develop the neuro-synaptic network of the brain and build up the abilities to differentiate and work methodically). Knowledge is not the "inner-standing" or the intuition, or the spiritual guidance. All of these are prone to distortion and self-deception.

Thus, the true inner knowledge is the higher order sciences and the comprehension of the universal laws of energy, and development of consciousness, used within all universal cultures and races of the 12 universal lineages existing in other vibrational settings (densities) and holographic reality fields (dimensions).

Worlds, which are arranged under dissimilar energetic laws compared to the physics of our matter world, since our world is no longer run by the higher order sciences and the original universal laws of energy and consciousness. And we are to regain the complete understanding again of how to navigate in these worlds.


  • To educate about the higher order ways of existence.
  • To educate about the true human nature and energetic constitution. 
  • To educate in how to clear and progress this energetic constitution.
  • To educate about the original ways of our higher order potentials and what we can do with these.
  • To educate in how to develop the true human consciousness potentials.
  • To educate about the original processes of transformation, transmutation and transcendence.
  • To educate about how to integrate these capacities into the current bio-vessel.
  • To educate about the transition, and how to do this bridging into the original worlds, via our cleared and upgraded energy systems, using this bio-vessel.