The HAL Project Webinars



From February 2021, you can join the HAL Project Webinars almost every Saturday at the end of the month. The webinar discussions will be on the challenges and changes of our world, and what we can do about it.

The information will focus on how to match these changes. The new energies will affect our bio-field, the emotional field and the mental field in different ways, and we also have to deal with the challenges instigated by the powers that be.

- You can sign up for the Webinars now. Do not wait too long. February, March & April are full.

- Check local time here.

- Maximum participants are 12. Minimum is 4. If the webinar is cancelled, you'll get your money refunded via PayPal. Email will be sent to notify you.

- Skype name and instructions on how to join, what to expect etc. will be sent to you latest November 2020, on the email address, you have used on PayPal.

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