The NGC Transition


The HAL Academy is my version of why humans exist, why we are here and what we should do to consciously continue our progression journey into higher complex information systems, able to transform all forms of energy by either technology or by our own means, using our vessel to do so, into their highest standards and purity rates, from where the original consciousness potentials can unfold into new and higher progression rates. All for the highest good of the many, that is, to generate the possibilities for as many as possible to continue their progression journey into higher and more advanced lifeforms. For me, that is the meaning of why we exist.

As I recall it, from these potentials and tools of reality, we created developmental projects in order to transform the energetic settings of the older forms of universal energies into the highest standards and purity rates of the current Universal Cycles, to provide the best circumstances for all living there, in order to unfold the Universal Laws of Utilization of Energy within the higher order sciences of that reality field, following the Principles of Progression leading to higher order awareness for all in that reality field, and the Rules of Engagement, leading to higher order societal structures, generating the best environmental settings for all lifeforms.

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