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If you are new to the HAL Material, I recommend the HAL Basic Ideas Courses as the first set to embark on. Here you get all the basic concepts and the basic energy work to reconstruct the "normal human" awareness into a new way of perceiving reality, others and yourself.  A good idea is to supplement the courses with the HAL Books. You can find them here...

New frames of reference are needed to do the higher awareness lifestyle, and with that a new type of psychology that allows for inner work as the first priority to reach your full inner potentials as a merged inner-outer higher awareness human.

The HAL Basic Concepts & Ideas

The HAL Basic Idea Courses are built up in a step-up manner.

You begin with the HAL Basic Energy Work Class and then move into the following courses.

You can do the courses one by one or as a 9 month subscription package.

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For the completely updated version of this material,
and for the adding of the last pieces of the progression work, read the HAL Philosophy and do the HAL Academy Classes. It cannot stand alone.

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The HAL Basic Ideas Package is an option too. Here you subscribe to getting one HAL Basic Ideas Course every month over 9 months via email. Each month you will get text material and link to the videos on Vimeo. Save 45 EUR in total.

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Learn the Basic Ideas and Concepts One by One

The Basic Energy Work Course with examples 

1. Learn the HAL Basic Energy Work

The how to transform the emotional and mental energies are presented in this course and thus the HAL Basic Energy Work Course lays the foundation for the HAL Progression work.

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The HAL Completed Classes 1-2

2. Learn about Relative Reality & the Time Matrix

In this course, the dynamics behind the Relative Reality and the Time Matrix are explained, including the basic understandings of the Principles, the Rules and the Laws. 

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The Future Human Project Courses 1-4

3-6. Learn the Progression Concepts over 4 Months

In this 4 months course, the overall concepts of the higher order psychological work are laid. Here we work with the Principles, the Rules and the Laws again, as well as the lower order fields of our constitution. Read more in the Course Overview.

The NGC Transition Courses 1-2

7. Learn About the Original Pillar Work

The NGC Transition Courses 1-2 can be seen as an addition to the HAL Philosophy book, and thus the book (in PDF) is included in the course. The Courses are the key courses to understanding the Pillar Work. Read more in the Course Overview.

The HAL Integration Class 5 Basics

8. Overview of the Developmental Work

In this online course, the developmental work with the lower order fields are outlined. The course offers the grand overview of what we are to reach in our clearing work with the lower fields.

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The HAL Integration Class 6 Basics

9. The HAL Integration Class 6 Completes the Basics

In this course, we sum up the basic material into 6 videos in order to create synthesis and a broad overview of the work. With this course, incl. the others, you then have the basic tools to continue.

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It is important to graps that the higher awareness is not just an emotional exercise, leading to mysticism and the inner light of bliss and enlightenment; it is as much a cognitive exercise using the higher order sciences to get to the point, where the mind can utilize the purified and adapted energies to fuel the higher order networks of the brain.

The new structural layers, working with different forms of energy, are constructed through the processes of our psychic-energetic work. Both the processes and the new neural networks are needed to process all higher dimensional information. Without the higher order structural layers, the brain only operates within the known frequency spectrum and within the limited brain wave information networks.