What is the NGC Transition

Learning to do the Transition into a New Grand Cycle

What are the NGC Transition Concepts?

Creating New Frames of Reference

The NGC Transition Concepts & Ideas are to be seen an attempt to revive this original information in a form and within frames of references, from which the original purpose of our existence can be re-integrated into our current world concepts, psychology and sciences,

The higher order sciences are not to be seen as the true ideas and the goal is not to overwrite the existing sciences but to build the needed bridge from the current level of perception of reality into the expanded and alternate reality perception, from where the full potentials of our solar system civilization can reach for the grandness of what we once were, and adapting it into what we are now.

Transforming the Now

Most humans are good at setting goals, that is, materialistic goals. And that most people eventually figure out that materialistic comfort is nice to have, but that this is not the sole answer to what the purpose of life is. Neither is love, becoming a parent or following a specific religion, or having political convictions. If we get stuck within these temporary phases of mind and emotions – which are nothing more than the unfolding of the electrochemical processes, hidden within our ancestral DNA, preparing us for the big challenge of continuing the development of what it truly means to exist in this reality - the emptiness creeps in and with that, the inner battle begins to preserve our comfort zone, instead of just following the path of the growing cognitive dissonance these impermanent ideologies are bound to lead to. They are constructs of mind - not of existence.

Reshaping the Future of Humanity

The more times we have been around, the quicker the impermanent ideologies of reality lose their glamour, being mindless deceptions as they, and nothing but a faint downsized reflection of the higher order systems of thoughts which used to be part of our human nature, yet long forgotten and barely existing as deeply hidden holographic code systems within our neurobiology, waiting for us to unlock our full potentials once more as a higher order scientifically driven civilization, living within the Universal Cycles of Transformative Energy and Consciousness.

The purpose of life is to make it meaningful. To give it a purpose that generates THAT story of our life. A story we can be proud of, when it is our time to go.