We can only truly understand and work with our reality if we push our awareness into a higher type of lifestyle, where the priority is to achieve our full human capacity and potentials, as a race among many other races in our universe.

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When we learn to exist from a belief system of transformation and progression, our reality will reflect this back to us, amplifying our projects with what we need of energy, events, consciousness etc being led our way as we walk through the steps of our creation to restore our energy fields in ourselves and others that join our projects.

Balanced Body & Mind

Balance of the energies in the body and mind is part of our self-mastery.

Healthy Daily Life

Our full potentials can only grow if we uphold a healthy daily life.

Higher Awareness Challenges

Transformation of energies is part of our self-mastery and work.

Daily Inner Work

Only if we do the inner work on a daily basis can we keep our energy high.

Higher Awareness Lifestyle helps you to live in

correct contact with our reality field



The basic idea is to generate a new human paradigm. The new human paradigm grows from the inner reality of higher awareness humans. In mastering the reality structure we are part of, humans get access to their true potentials.



We work to facilitate growth in this system to bring it back to its original intentions and why it was engineered to begin with. We work to restore ourselves and others in the process. We are doing this as a team work of equals, growing together through our innovative projects and the energetic self-mastery of everything in our lives.


Randi Green


Psychotherapist, Clairvoyant & Author.


I do not work for us to go home but for us to rebuild this system. We are to complete the mission we took unto ourselves. We do not quit. We prevail and complete, what we started.

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Completing the new website.

Jan 13, 2017


Beginning my the work for 2017 with details of how to live the Higher Awareness Life.

Jan 14, 2017

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