Psychotherapist, BA Theology, Economics and Business Management

Randi Green

A Higher Awareness Lifestyle

& The Future Human Project


Are you ready to learn more about what a higher awareness human is?

The information for a life, lived in higher performance, is already expressed among different groups of people. This is my bid and how I see us progress into a higher & better version of what a human is and can become.


Let me ask you a question:

Are you here to have the “normal” human experience or, are you here to do the transformative exploration journey, developing yourself from something ordinary to some unique and awesome?

This question is a lifechanging question, because once you begin to work with the idea that you are able to do a conscious human evolution beyond the normal human life, the return to the setting of everyday life stops being enough.

The treadmill and the repetition of each day loses its charm. It is like waking up, having a major realization where you are faced with the fact that life offers more. The deliberate choice of doing a conscious progression, i.e. choosing the higher awareness lifestyle, by using energy and consciousness to do so, is the human evolution 2.0.

The human evolution 2.0 is the true evolution into a progressive future of humans knowing how to work with all they energetically are composed of, their minds, their emotions and the body to regain natural health,  higher awareness, and the higher capacity and expanded perception, a human is supposed to have.

Together we create a better world & future

Randi Green

Psychotherapist, BA Theology, Economics & Business Management.

I work to add more to the future of humanity and the goals we strive for. The saying "I am just human" is not enough for me. Humanity  can become so much more.


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