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Since ALL memories are part of a created reality, none of them are “real” and thus all memories can be reframed from an awakening standpoint, reconnecting the flame codes to the particle layer in energy work and meditation. It all comes down to the inner perspective of the past and present seen in the light of a pure, caring and compassionate consciousness with the correct understanding – forgiving ourselves and letting go of a long gone past that is not even ours. It is not only about forgiving others but also about forgiving ourselves. We all have much to learn and the years to come will be the years, where humanity on this planet shift from and old type of awareness and into a new.

Understand the Interactive Simulation Program that has been working for and against humanity for a very long time

Learn more about the steps you can take towards a new level of awareness and understanding.


Learning to work with yourself on all levels of your being is the first step towards completion of who and what you are meant to be.

In the SETAH Sessions we work together on different levels of your entire being.


We work together to develop your emotional level, the mental level and the energetic level, progressing you into a new way of being human.

Humans on this planet have a lot to learn, as well as learning how to develop energy and consciosuenss in the correct manner and not just relying on technology and artificial means.


Our work begins here.

What is the SETAH Initiative? Who is behind? And what is the agenda here?


Why is it important for you to look into and understand the work of the SETAH Intiative?


Take Part in a New Human Paradigm


The SETAH Initiative

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