Building a New World

Saving Earth Through Activated Humans

About the SETAH Initiative


The SETAH Initiative has as its main goal to restore and rebuild as many original energy systems as possible. The focus is to enable the human mind to access higher levels of consciousness and from there integrate the soul level, hidden in these higher realities.

The SETAH School


The SETAH School is for all ready to learn how to do soul integration and progression. The teachings are not oriented towards specific agendas or current schools but are aimed at giving the full free choice of what agenda, teaching system and progression journey you resonate with. The SETAH Fundamentals and SETAH Advanced Courses provide the needed information to be able to activate whatever energy system you have.

The Terra Transigo Academy


The Terra Transigo Academy has as its main goal to reconstruct the planeteary soul, learning how to do the soul integration - following the standards of the gathered LPU - and bring about new ideas of what it means to be human in a changing and transitioning world.

The SETAH Sessions


The SETAH Sessions are tools to assist you in your progress. To fully be able to apply what you have learned in the SETAH School and the different courses, you have to practice what you have learned every day. And sometimes it is easier to get help from me than to do it all by yourself. Using the SETAH Sessions is a fine way to help you along and provide you with the boost you need to progress faster.

Consulting Session

Get and overview of what type of soul you have and what you can do.

SETAH Therapy

Get clairvoyant psychotherapy and help to progress faster.

Energy Work Coaching

Adjust what you have learned from the SETAH Fundamentals & Advanced.

SETAH Healing

Let me assist you and do some of the complicated healing for you.

See all of what I offer under SETAH Sessions or click on the button About the Sessions

The SETAH Books


The SETAH Books are written to provide a new paradigm into which we can understand our inner and outer perceptions, develop new belief systems as well as understand the information we get from within in a more complex and detailed framework. The books are also to a great extent the basis of the courses and the free material.


Go to the SETAH Books to read excerpts on Google Books.

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