Learning New Ways of Being Human

Learning New Ways of Being Human....

by Randi Green

The HAL Academy Progression Sciences teach the sciences behind the Restoration Program, the original Pillar Project, the architecture of the transformative energy system, the template along with the dynamics of reconstruction of the energy system configuration needed to deal with the upcoming challenges, as our reality field resets and the organic vessels reunite with what remains of their original configuration.

Now, the solutions to regain the advanced state humans can reach, if we work for it. There are basic steps to regain the higher awareness and the true human evolution, and then there are the more advanced forms of energy work, I teach in the HAL Academy Courses.

The information for a life, lived in higher performance, is already expressed among different groups of people. These steps are part of the basic levels of the progression journey mastering the organic matter by developing self-discipline, inner strength to set goals and ways to complete them.

The goal of the progression work is to master energy and consciousness by mastering ourselves in all our ways, inner and outer, and the higher states of consciousness that we can reach.

So, let us look at the basics:

Most humans know that food affects health and gives higher or lower forms of energy to their organic vessel. More and more are getting onboard the understanding that food must be vital and hold energy to give the correct sustenance to the organic vessel, which is composed of energy. Dead energy produces dead energy in the body. They know that eating is not just about transforming different eatable substances into cellular energy to make the vessel function correctly. It is also the bridge into higher forms of energy that can alter the energetic state of the organic vessel to a higher sensitivity and performance. All of that is supported by turning into a plant-fruitarian and by knowing what the organic vessel needs to function correctly – by preparing your own food and how to choose with knowledge and energetic understanding among the supply to get the greens, nuts, and fruits with the highest forms of energy.

Many people know that exercise develops the muscles and that learning new skills develop muscle memory, and from that strengthen the body-mind connection to be able to do whatever they want to do in life. Being in control of the organic vessel, and developing it via correct food and utilization in a balanced changeability between rest and activity – as well as performing tasks that build muscle strength by challenging what they think they can do - gives a higher success rate in life, a steady mood, clarity of mind and surplus of energy to set goals, and to complete them.

Fewer knows that emotional experiences are stored as cellular information – since they are energy - affecting the organic vessel, creating a healthier and stronger body if the emotional challenges are solved in an empowering way, giving emotional strength and the ability to rely on one’s own solutions and decisions, to back up the choices in life and by that, what type of life one wants to live. To stand by yourself and trust in yourself.

Emotional strength or weaknesses affect all cellular reproduction by controlling which of the various forms of RNA that are activated, and in that control the rebuilding of the cells in a constructive or destructive way.

We have yet to learn how much physical heath and emotional strength are interlinked.

Some knows that learning advanced information expands the brain capacity and builds a stronger blood supply in the blood vessels of the brain (since it technically is a sort of muscle) that amplifies the neurons when they are firing, releasing the stored information in the brain into new heights and connections. These humans know that using the brain develops it and that that is important in their human progression journey, because not only do higher levels of information increase the ability to discern, connect and derive answers to questions asked or events happening, but it also gives the ability to see through deception, exclude false information and grow a higher awareness of reality. All information will eventually accumulate into a synergetic leap, involving all the levels of the brain, where new heights of information are developed as well as the ability to think outside the box.

The smart ones know that all these things, by doing it all, enhance the ability to function in life with higher energy functionality and self-confidence. With empowerment. These humans set their minds to learn to administer all that they are, because they know it is the way to fulfill the purpose of living. Of existence. Because, why exist to live a half or incomplete life?

They want to express life in all its forms. They strive for perfection and challenges in all that they are; physically, mentally, and emotionally, as well as developing all the higher order capacities that are possible to reach for a human. And in that, they exemplify that life is an evolutionary progression journey and that true perfection is achieved by experimentation and failures, finding solutions, and overcoming challenges as well as the ability to master energy and consciousness in all its forms; individually, globally and universally. Therefore, what most people need to know is that the limitations, they hold and what they think they can do, are in their minds and the emotional blockages they hold from this or other lifetimes. They need to get up to speed with the idea that they can develop their brain, psyche, and body using energy, not in spiritual or religious contexts, but within the same context as the understanding of, that eating healthier gives more energy, that learning new skills develops the brain and that working with energy creates new and higher levels of awareness, expanding the notion of what a human is and can do.

So, in essence, to follow our purpose as humans is our responsibility and we need to work to get it.

Higher awareness is a life journey of progression, developing our capacity to work with information, energy, and reality in new ways.

Humans are to rediscover all they have forgotten and reconnect to their true purpose as an evolving solar system race, being part of a huge community of otherworldly races awaiting our participation in developing our universe back to its glory and full functionality, which got diminished in the wars among the true human and humanoid races. And later, as the human races got taken out and forgot their origin, the wars among the humanoid races, depleting all. It is time we pick up our legacy, and all our forgotten skills and capacities and get to work again. The true creational work of human evolution, consciousness progression and developing worlds to their highest energetic potentials – the higher order systems.