A New Way of Being Human.

For a Better World - for a Better Future

Licensed Psychotherapist,

BA of Theology,

Examined Studies in

Human Resources, Management,

Business & Administration




Can We Learn the Complex Sciences of the Higher Order Realities, and the Future Humanities? 

Of course, we can but it demands new forms of education and new frames of references....

Changing the Future

- Demands A New Way of Being Human

What does it Take to Change the World and its Trajectory?

Changes take time and effort...so, we work patiently, using the higher order sciences to reach our goals.

Changes only happen when the momentum of the timeline, we are working on, has reached the credibility point, where the existing timeline alters its trajectory.

Teaching the Higher Order Sciences

  • For the ones that effectively are seeking to expand their higher order capacities
  • For the ones getting ready to do the grand transition and move into the viable cycles of energy and consciousness
  • For the ones working towards an expanded reality living, perception skills and timeline implementation processes
  • For the ones seeking to change status quo and recreate the original architecture of our reality field

We Are Part of An Psychic-Energetic  Community

We work to transform the timelines of the past and the present to unfold the future potentials of our reality field, as a psychic-energetic community of people, across the world.

In the work, we do, we connect via the timelines and the fields of energy these are building, to achieve the needed changes for humanity and our world.


It would be easy if the future timelines would unfold in similar ways around the world, but that is not the case. Our world is divided into different sectors, and each sector and its population, will choose the means of change they see fit for their country, nation or territory. So, we are in for different changes, challenges and different sets of skills that need to be developed. These skills are part of the understanding of how to read energetic trends and patterns. The energetic trends and patterns of where we live.

The HAL Academy is for the ones who are ready to develop their cross-educational skills within the framework of the higher order sciences.

The HAL Academy Material explores and expands our perception of reality from a completely new angle of the higher dimensional realities.

It is time to learn new ways of being human and generate new perceptions of reality, and by that begin the work to generate a better future for all.

The Great Leap is set for 2025.

Are You Ready?

Get started with the Online Courses

Learn the HAL Higher Order Sciences

To unlock our full potentials, we must learn to work with energy and consciousness again. A journey towards our true capacities.

...What You Can Take With You...

Online Self-Studies Teaching the Concepts

New Reality Perception

Timeline Dynamics & Reality Mechanics

The Great Overview of the Transition

Meeting Other HAL Students over Skype

The HAL Academy Teach the Sciences Online 24-7 

Online Courses

You study the HAL Academy Courses Online. Each Course consists of text material and podcasts uploaded into a Private Group on Vimeo.

PDF & Podcasts

You Learn the HAL Academy Course Material via PDF and Podcasts, Teaching the Concepts in Theory and via Practical Exercises.

The HAL Sciences are delivered via PDFs and Podcasts

You Choose the Hours to Sutdy and Learn New

Study Whenever

You study on your own, when it suits you.

The HAL Academy Courses are available at all hours.

Email Questions

All HAL Academy Material has the Option of Personal Contact. We communicate over the Internet, either via Skype or Email.

Each Course has Inbuilt Q&As


We work together to change the timelines of the future. Once we understand that the path of humanity, right now, leads to nothing but dead ends for our civilization, we also understand that action must be taken to change that.

The HAL Project – Next Level is part of that, whereas the HAL Project from 2014-2022 was focused upon bringing the higher order sciences to people’s attention.

The HAL Project – Next Level is aimed at the forerunners, the pioneers and the innovators within our human collective. We come from all paths of life and from all times, joined together with the sole purpose of changing the future of our system.

The planetary activation and clean-up stages, beginning now and running until 2034, will teach us more skills needed to do the overall transition into the higher dimensional realities, but we also need to grasp the other changes our world is heading towards within the political, financial and environmental areas of our local and global economy. The signs are weak at the present, but with the abilities to read the significance of the minor trends and the patterns of energy, they are building, the timeline decoding shows trends moving towards a huge shift in the ways our world works.



The goal of the HAL Project Online Library is to provide a fair chance of selecting the information needed to conceptualize a broader foundation of knowledge. The selection is taken from sources with a solid foundation within accepted and general science.


The main idea with the HAL Academy Channel is to generate new narratives of our world from a higher awareness perspective. And via this new way of sharing information, to provide new concepts of what it means to be human in full transition.


The HAL Project Facebook page covers some of the trends and actions that are taking place. Now, these are not of this world but are engineered and implemented by other sectorial races and their parallel worlds adjacent to ours.