Learn the Higher Awareness Lifestyle (HAL)

- Online Self-Study Courses & Group Classes

The HAL Project is an umbrella from which different branches unfold in order to develop higher awareness.

The HAL Academy is the first branch in the HAL Project. The goal here is to teach the steps of the higher awareness.

The HAL Coaching is the second branch. The goal is to coach the inner work, set goals and how to achieve them.


Reclaim your multidimensional, cosmic and holographic capacities.

The 2 HAL Energy Work Classes show you the way to break free of your energetic limitations and the base program.

Reclaim your abilities to work with consciousness and holographic energy.

The HAL Psychology Studies teach the methods to achieve this.

Understand the Principles, the Rules and the Laws of Energy.

Reclaim your rights to become an upgraded and expanded human.

The HAL Integration Classes show you the way to break free of the world-setup limitations and explain the Path of Liberation in detail.

You can buy the classes as you please, or use this option to sign up for 11 of the HAL Classes starting with the Energy Work Classes, followed by the Psychology Studies and to be completed with the HAL Integration Classes.

Get ready for the transition challenges, the shift of the sun and the new type of timeline and energy work with the DE2 Transition material.

The two classes will be offered as self-study from end 2021.

Do the two group classes in 2023 with a monthly meetup with me. In these two group classes, we discuss the material and the next level of galactic and universal knowledge, needed for the continued HAL Awakening.

Humanity must choose evolution as a dedicated and purposeful way of living, because the current comfort-zone oriented lower order mindset and understanding, humans unfold today, will not get us anywhere.


The new ways of being human depend on a willed evolution to develop everything a human is and can become, and the new ways also rest upon new forms of human entrepreneurship, higher order innovations and new solutions for the challenges at hand, such as pollution, climate changes and so forth, as well as inventions of new political, economic, scientific and psychological systems.

Humanity must progress into a high-performance culture, learning how to unfold their full capacity, as well as how to develop the higher human awareness.

Still, these solutions are only attainable if the current version of humanity chooses to mature and progress, and to do so rapidly, whilst setting the goals of achieving the correct answers of how to solve the issues with the uneven distribution of natural resources, the climate changes and the vast human health problems; all in one go.