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Can We Learn the Complex Sciences of the Higher Order Realities, and the Future Humanities? 

Of course, we can but it demands new forms of education and new frames of references....

Hi There, Randi Green Here.....

Over the years, from 2007 until 2016, I went into explorative and psychic-energetic processes without any forms of mind-altering substances, to find new techniques to amplify my higher order psychic-energetic abilities.

I did so in self-reconstructive energy work, altered state meditation and deep contemplation processes reconstructed from the memories, I had of these, and adding this to my studies of the different techniques described and handed over in the ancient teaching systems.

Are You Ready for the Transition 2025-2034?

The sum of past life actions and deeds are imprinted into the consciousness units within our holographic-energetic template and thus determine the level of activation, we can achieve.

To be able to enter a dynamic energy flow, leading to the preferred timeline, we must clear the holographic-energetic imprints of the past timelines we are connected to.

Living the everyday life also influence the amount of viable energy units within our holographic-energetic template activate. We must take that into consideration too.

The Converging of Timelines between 2025-2034

The HAL Future Humanities YouTube Channel

Group Classes over Skype with me as Tutor

Our reality field is in its transition period, which began in the early 1990´s where all lifeforms must shift to the timelines (aka holographic-energetic code streams) their original consciousness potentials enable them to unfold what they have developed during the period they took part of the timeline loops. The transition period is the last call-out to undo the residuals and wrongful choices of the past and transit to a preferred timeline that will lead to a more promising future. This process has to be completed before the years 2025-2035, where the transition period ends.

We will Work under this Notion in the Group Classes, where we discuss the challenges, the developmental processes and what is needed in the work.

HAL Group Class Spring 2024

Do we really understand the changes that are upon us? .....We have much to learn. The Spring HAL Group Class investigates the transition dynamics in podcasts and 2 monthly Skype Meetup where we discuss the class material.

HOPE Mentor Education 2024

The-how to assist others in the New DE1 Reality Challenges and the DE1 Activation Processes. The Education is open for all with interest in the DE1 Activation and the how-to mentor others in their activation processes.

HAL Group Class Autumn 2024

At the end of the year, we look into the next stage of the transition dynamics. The Autumn HAL Group Class investigates this in podcasts and 2 monthly Skype Meetup where we discuss the class material.

In Need of Support in Your Higher Order Awareness Processes?

One-on One Self-Study With me As a Mentor

The last call-out to undo the effects of the past and transit to the preferred timeline has to be done at the latest between the years 2025-2035, where the transition period ends. This means that we are to do as much regression healing as possible, using the last access points to the remaining timeline loops before they have retracted to a point, where the past of the timelines have shifted into new pasts, fitting the new timelines we have created.

This is difficult to understand. For now, if the timeline loops are still there, we can travel via our genetics to the many reality fields we have unfolded our genetics into and at the same time, we generate a new future for each set of genetics we alter, being linked up to a specific timeline. And on top of this the timelines are divided into multiple slices or segments of reality according to the genetics of the humanoid or human races, we once were part of.

If you prefer to work on your own, the HAL Academy Online courses also explain the challenges, the developmental processes and what is needed in the work.

HAL New Living Free Material

There are some basic steps that must be taken to learn the depth of the HAL New Living Material as well as how to implement it. In the HAL New Living free material you get insights into what the work is about.

The HAL Transition Sciences

The HAL Transition Sciences are the next set of courses. You will get new and advanced inner-outer concepts of the higher order progression sciences from which you can perceive yourself, others, and reality in a more expanded way of personal interactions.

HAL Progression Work Ideas

The higher order psychic-energetic capacities is best developed within  some sort of guidelines of how to awaken. We strive to achieve the highest bio-light units, the best holo-units and the highest progression rate.

The HAL Clearing Work

The HAL Basic & Advanced Clearing Work is the next set of courses to embark on. You get the more advanced concepts of the higher order clearing sciences from which you can perceive yourself, others, and reality in a more complex holographic-energetic way.

The Basic Wake Up Processes

The HAL Basic Emotional Field Material is the first level to study. Here you get the concepts of the work with the emotional field and new frames of reference from which you can perceive yourself, others, and reality.

The HAL Template Sciences

The HAL Template Sciences are the next set of courses to embark on. You get the advanced higher order concepts of the holographic-energetic template sciences from which you can perceive yourself, others, and reality within the full scope of the reality dynamics.

Living the Higher Awareness Lifestyle is a Choice for life

What Better Futures for Humanity?

It has been a long journey for most of us. Many began with great vigor only to succumb to everyday life or stayed within the 1990´s ideas of ascension for all within the teachings of the old spiritual teaching systems.

But what if I told you, that you must work for it? And that the needed holographic-energetic light units of the optimal template, to do the ascension, is not something that you get, but something that you build by your everyday actions, deeds, clearing and inner work?

The last leg of the transition period between 2025-2034 demands our full attention and disciplined strife towards the higher order psychic-energetic (HOPE) abilities and full conscious capacities. The self-achieved awakening is the true HOPE for a better future for humanity.

Becoming a HAL Changemaker

Building the Bridges to Better Futures

This is not just about the continuation of humanity; it is just as much about the continuation of our higher order possibilities as an advanced civilization, ready to acknowledge the otherworlds around us.

The Challenges of a HAL Changemaker

What type of world do we want? We must begin to build our patterns of change and develop a higher order perspective of our reality. We need this to truly get the full implications of what is going on here. We are to learn to live in a world of change, and sometimes chaos, as well as progress within this.

HAL New Reality Challenges

The focus is on the challenges and skill sets needed to be able to deal with the other races, living in and beyond our reality field within other domains. We look at challenges this pose to us as newcomers to this.

HAL 5th Cycle Sciences

Most of what we know today must be purged of distortions. We are to think-through general sciences, our understanding of reality, as well as the characteristics of the otherworldly and parallel realities, their civilizations, socio-cultural dynamics, and technologies. There is much more to discover.

Develop A New Mindset

The expansion journey towards higher order awareness is not just about learning clairvoyant & healing abilities. 

It a journey to develop completely new awareness potentials.

Develop New Skill Sets

The higher order awareness asks of us to develop resilience, new skill sets and a new form of socio-cultural inclusivity.

It is an expansion into a new type of inner awareness.

Get New Progression Tools

This new type of inner awareness leads to new progressive insights and dynamics. The new inner awareness includes the abilities to work with holographic-energetic sciences and higher order psychic-energetic abilities.

Are You Ready for the New Reality Perception?

It is Time for a New Mindset About Our Reality

Growing Together to Change the World

We Must Change Our World as a United Planetary Civilization!

We work together to change the timelines of the future. Once we understand that the path of humanity, right now, leads to nothing but dead ends for our civilization, we also understand that actions must be taken to change that.

We also work to bring the higher order sciences to people’s attention and the how-to assist for a better future for this and the next generations of humans.

The HAL Hidden History Illustrated

Click through the Illustrations to get the Quick Version the Hidden History of Our Solar System Civilization

The HAL Academy Step-Ladder Process

The HAL Academy text and course material is built up in a step-ladder manner to develop the ability to discern between different states of perception, different reality concepts and developmental programs.

The information, and how we work with it to change our reality and what it means to be human, supports the work with our processes of regaining our higher order consciousness structure.

We live in a world where the reality field reset dynamics are manifested into different changes of known functional societal, economic and environmental systems, overall changes in the human neurobiology, with break-down of psychological processes and loss of self-adjustment mechanisms, where the general approach to solve the challenges at hand either focus on a joint effort to solve the issues, or choose to riot and segregate in earlier consciousness states of warring humanoid gene codes and disrupted rules of engagement.

We need people who can to work with the holographic-dynamic reality models and from these generate new future possibilities for all.

The HAL Courses

Each Course consists of text material as well as podcasts uploaded into a Private Group on Vimeo.

PDF & Podcasts

You Learn the HAL Academy Course Material via text in PDF and Podcasts, teaching the Concepts in Theory and via Practical Exercises.

We stay in contact via email & Skype

Reframe the Perception of the World and New Layers will Surface

Email Q&As

Each Course has Inbuilt Q&As. We communicate over the Internet, either via Skype or Email.

Study Whenever

You study the text material & podcasts in your own pace. You can access the material at all hours.

Then we communicate via email when you are ready to ask your questions.

The Processes of Full Disclosure from Now and until 2035