The Higher Order Senses

The Higher Order Senses

It is important to grasp that the higher awareness is not just an emotional or mental exercise, leading to mysticism and the inner light of bliss and enlightenment; it is as much a cognitive and energetic exercise using the higher order sciences to get to the point, where the human psyche and mind can utilize the purified and adapted energies to fuel the higher order networks of the brain.

The new structural layers, working with different forms of energy, are constructed through the processes of our psychic-energetic work. Both the processes and the new neural networks are needed to process all higher dimensional information. Without the higher order structural layers, the brain only operates within the known frequency spectrum and within the limited brain wave information networks.

As we learn to work with the higher order energies, our eyes develop new abilities and then much more of our reality can be seen, as it appears in another dimensional energies.

The higher order senses also called ESP, or extrasensory perception, refers to the ability to perceive information beyond the five traditional senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. It suggests the capacity to acquire information through means that are not immediately explained by known physical senses or scientific understanding.

There are several types of ESP commonly discussed:

1. Telepathy: This is the ability to perceive the thoughts or feelings of others without the use of the known senses. It implies a form of direct mind-to-mind communication.

2. Clairvoyance: Clairvoyance involves the ability to gain information about an object, person, location, or event through means other than the known human senses. This might include seeing things happening at a remote location or foreseeing future events.

3. Precognition: Precognition is the ability to predict or perceive future events before they happen, often through dreams or sudden flashes of insight.

4. Psychometry: Psychometry involves the ability to perceive information about a person or an object by touching it. Psychics who claim this ability may hold an object belonging to someone and gain insights or information about that person's past, present, or future.

5. Remote Viewing: Remote viewing is the practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target using paranormal means, in particular, extra-sensory perception (ESP) or "sensing with mind".

Building Bridges to Multidimensional Awareness

It all begins with our abilities to interact with the other-dimensional energies and perception as part of our inner-outer psychic-energetic activation process.

The Higher Order Senses In Overview

The work to regain the higher order senses must be done by the individual as a willed choice. It is not something that occurs in all humans, once the original systemic construction becomes part of our reality again. It is this way, because the higher order faculties must be reached for and trained to become part of the current organic vessel.


The higher order senses follow the higher order energies, just like our lower order senses were developed to work with electromagnetic energies. We can work with all versions of energy, low and high, if we develop and practice the higher order senses to detect, process and understand them.


The higher order senses are the higher order energy expression of the human senses. They are used within the higher order realities, when we expand our perception field into the other-dimensional levels of our reality. Here they provide higher order perception and information processing on the different segments of the dimensions.

1) The Higher Order Seeing

The higher order seeing occurs through the mind’s eye, similar to when we get visions or have dreams. The timeline work consists of visual information, mostly from existences on diverse timelines.

2) The Higher Order Hearing 

The higher order inner hearing is mostly telepathic in nature, or it can be a vocal replay from a memory, or a timeline sequence.

3) The higher order Smelling

Higher order smell is interesting, because quite a lot of the 4Ds have a distinct scent to their organic forms. That other-dimensional scent will be there when they choose to enter our sphere of reality. Similarly, to when humans emit scents from their vessel.

4) The Higher Order Tasting

Higher order taste is fascinating as well, given that some of the regressed emit a sort of energy that gives a bad taste in the mouth or cause nausea, as if we have eaten something disgusting.

5) The Higher Order Tactile Sensing

The higher order sensing, smell and taste are used to determine what is occurring within our expanded sphere of reality. As it is with the experiences of disgusting smell, taste and nauseating sensing of other humans, it is correspondingly with whatever decides to appear to us from the other realities.

The HAL Academy on the Higher Order Senses

In this podcast series with 22 podcasts, I work with some of the obstacles that are in the way of activating the higher order senses. The individual challenges involve the work with the lower order fields and how we can clear these to get to the point, where we can rebuild our higher order constitution.

The higher order levels of us contain the consciousness genetics, the original template (Holographic-Energetic Architecture) and higher order energy system. These parts have been hidden from us. We are to figure out how to reconnect to the true parts of us and then put in the needed work to activate them.

Some of the explanatory podcasts stem from my earlier work, but are equally important since I back in 2017-2019 worked entirely with the higher order senses and how to activate them.

The goal is the everyday living with focus on the practical solutions to the challenges, we are to become more acquainted with the awakening and activation processes.

These challenges are not just about the inner work, but just as much about the obstacles from the holographic-energetic reality and the multidimensionality and the other dimensions connected to our reality.

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