Creating HAL - A Higher Awareness Lifestyle

Living the Higher Awareness Lifestyle is a Choice for Life 

Creating HAL - A Higher Awareness Lifestyle

Humanity must choose evolution as a dedicated and purposeful way of living, because the current comfort-zone oriented lower order mindset and understanding, humans unfold today, will not get us anywhere.

Where to begin? Well, for starters as a trained and professional psychotherapist the two main questions I have focused on in my life have been the human existence and the purpose of life.

Technically, I already asked these questions as a child, but for the sake of the shortness of this story, we begin there. However, the branch of psychology, in which I have worked with clients in almost two decades now, can be viewed as existential psychotherapy and the development of the human psyche within the framework of the foundational concepts of why we exist.

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Over the years, from 2007 until 2016, I went into explorative and psychic-energetic processes without any forms of mind-altering substances, to find new techniques to amplify my higher order psychic-energetic abilities.

I did so in self-reconstructive energy work, altered state meditation and deep contemplation processes reconstructed from the memories, I had of these, and adding this to my studies of the different techniques described and handed over in the ancient teaching systems.

My work orbits around the fact, that humanity needs new paradigms of reality, of who we are and what our purpose is, as a terrestrial race.

I toil to find the solutions to our current situation as a race in amnesia, and what drives the process of activation and progression, ranging from the individual psychological progression dynamics to the large schematic transition dynamics within the present-day standards of reality perception.

The research begins within the accepted paradigms of general science and psychology, and then I lift what I find to be of most relevance for our human evolution into the higher order scientific, and parapsychological levels.

The ability to hold a double awareness within two sets of energies means to utilize the frequency based neural network and at the same time, also activating the psychic-energetic holographic radiation structural layers of the brain. With the double awareness, we are able to look into the many realms of our reality, and at the same time, translate this to everyday concepts and language so we can communicate what is observed.

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The HAL Academy Framework

What is important to focus on, considering that the years ahead of us hold the promises of an overall reconstruction of our reality field into its original holographic architecture or, equally just as possible, the implementation of new concealed agendas from otherworldly forces operating inside and outside our range of perception?

Either way, and whatever will come, it is important to begin the psychic-energetic processes towards our essential higher order awareness. I have to some degree explained some of the upcoming challenges and the psychic-energetic dynamics needed to address these challenges in my 6 books (Souls of Humanity, Terralogy, Modern History, the HAL Philosophy book, and within the lesser important books Reconstruction, and Understanding of the Old Stellar Souls).


The Higher Awareness Lifestyle (HAL) Academy by Randi Green is the continuation of these books and the work, I began as a psychotherapist, alternate reality healer and life coach.


My efforts the last 12 years have been centered around the best ways to explain the how-to complete the progression cycles of our solar system, along with the most important progression and clearing techniques foundational to the energetic transformation of the higher order reality holographic energy units. The goal was to provide new ways to accomplish the higher order holographic-energetic reconstruction of the original solar system holographic-energetic true human configuration, required to complete the progression cycles within our solar system.

The resetting of our solar system, into its original holographic-energetic architecture, will demand our full participation in the holographic-energetic, and higher order genetic, clearing of the past, the present and any conceivable future timelines (also called holographic-energetic code streams). We must acknowledge and embrace the higher order sciences of the otherworldly realities and their humanoid races, existing in parallel non-temporal and non-local realms made of otherworldly energies, yet part of our solar system.[1]

Most of what we know today must be thought through and information, long forgotten, must be rediscovered, and purged of its high level of distortions and misunderstandings. In this, we are to revisit and think-through general sciences, our understanding of reality, as well as the characteristics of the otherworldly and parallel realities, their civilizations, socio-cultural dynamics, and their light-years away advanced technologies.

Moreover, we must go all-out to grasp the implications of the holographic-energetic worlds and the future humanities. Be it the lesser or more promising futures, we have the possibilities of becoming part of.

[1] The straightforward explanation is that these non-temporal and non-local “spaces” will be revealed as part of the 95% dark matter and dark energy sectors of our universe. Humanity will learn about the new reality sciences around the year 2135 into the future, when the remaining 5% of the 3rd cycle outskirts energy units collapse and reveal the higher order layers of the electromagnetic forces and currently known quantum dynamics.

So, how are we – as the sprouting future citizens of the systemic-energetic sciences – going to administer the burdens of the past, the other-dimensionals and the lost chances of our original purpose and direction?

Well, all first steps to recovery are to acknowledge what we are, how we behave, and what our true desires are. We must see things as they truly are and what we have become. Mourn the loss, accept the deeds, accept what we have done to push it so far – completely out of balance and far from our original intent and purpose – and then take responsibility.

In this work it is important to remember that nobody has the full answers, and we are all seeking to find the answers to why we are here and what to do. As I have sought for answers and from these processes, I have chosen to share my insights and put them into a system of thought. I would also like to clarify that none of what I share is from the Keylontics, nor from the Speakers or Lisa Renee. My information is not based upon their teachings or any of what they have chosen to share. We all work to deliver the information that is beyond this realm. Thus, I can only refer to my sources as the teachings of the Ancient Ones and the original systemic-energetic holographic teaching system, which I do. I will take this opportunity to clarify the background of the information I provide and hopefully this explanation will solve any issues to the highest degree as possible. Let me explain this further below: 

The Keylontics stand for the Keylontic Sciences. Look up here - as one source of information - of which we mostly know the Speakers and Lisa Renee. There was a claim against Lisa Renee from the Speakers that she had "taken" their teachings and the slandering of her for it. For look up of Lisa Renee's version of the Ancient Teachings find it here 

The Keylontic Sciences is the common name for the sciences of the factions that have joined this teaching system and are sharing their version of the Ancient Teachings in this realm via these systems of thought. I have looked into this of what was out there on the Net, as well as what they chose to share on YT. I have not used this information in my books or in my teachings since I do not agree with their methods or ideas. I hold a different perspective altogether. But we share the same galactic background and thus we work with the same ancient history, of which all involved are free to share their version of that joint common experience and what they remember. Nobody can claim to be the rightful owner of such history and what took place. 

The Keylontic Science Interview I-3 

Look up Keylontic Dictionary on 

What happend to the Keylontic Science Movement? 

I have neither based my material on the Alice A. Bailey Material  ( although I studied this for years, going into both R. Steiner, Blavatsky, et al of the people sharing what they got in the early 1900s. I found these to be interesting but not really confirming what I was looking for either. The Esoterics claimed the same level of information as the Keylontics have done, long before this age.  Find AABs books here

The Theravada Teachings were the first to mention the Path of Liberation ( and the path of an Arhat ( I studied this for years as well but did not find my answers there either.

Mdm. Blavatsky also talked about the Arhats, in her teachings claiming that she got this from her inner teachers, calling them the Ascended Masters ( I do not adhere to that system either. 

Find Mdm Blavatsky books here

The tree of life stem back to the oral traditions of the Qabalah, giving access to 10 realms via the work with the 10 sephirot (Lunar Teaching system The Keylontics added 2 more sephirot and made this their "kathara template" for the advancement of their energy system ( As part of my BA in Theology (outside the studies since the Universities are not yet working with the inner realms) I tried to work with this in the context of the Hebrew Torah (in Hebrew learning the original language to decode it) to figure out whether or not the Lunars had cracked the code within their system. I did not find much other than Fallen Angelics and their Realms, so I let that system to too. 

Many have made claims to be the only true source of the higher order sciences and inner realm information. We might share the same language, as humans similarly do in this age when we talk about our shared reality experiences, but that does not mean that we can make claims and copyright terminology and concepts that belong to our shared experience within this system, and slander others for using our joint concepts. The same goes for the ancient history, the ancient worlds and civilizations from which we all stem.

As I see it, this generation has added new language to the ancient information, as any generation and age do and have done over this eon. I give the new levels credit for integrating the alien agenda instead as referring to them as gods or otherworldly beings. However, what I know of the alien agenda stem from my own experiences unfolded from undelightful encounters with these factions and their representatives co-habiting our solar system. In these encounters they have made their claims of ownership etc., as part of their hostile intervention protocol. I do not adhere to or support their claims either. Anyone can do the inner work to get access to the original Ancient Teachings as well, and then make their version of it. The source of this information is called the Holographic Interactive Teaching System, and it is part of this solar system and imbedded into our energy systems. We all have access to these levels within ourselves, if we can clear out the distortions that stand in the way.

Anyone can do the inner work to get access to the original Ancient Teachings as well, and then make their version of it. The source of this information is called the Holographic Interactive Teaching System, and it is part of this solar system and imbedded into our energy systems. We all have access to these levels within ourselves, if we can clear out the distortions that stand in the way. 

The clearing work of these distortions is the biggest challenge of humanity. For all of us. And they cloak our innate abilities to find the answers within. We do not need teachers, speakers or others to tell us what to do. Only to make us remember. I do not claim to be a teacher, or a speaker. I am just another one on the same path as the rest of humanity, trying to find a way through this mess of energy. I only share my own experiences, and then I refer to the others, that have gone before me or have shared this too, not as a mean of source from where I derive my information, but as the others that have come up with these ideas as well, in their inner search for answers. Nobody can claim the Ancient Teachings or made claims to be the only true source of information. And that is why I only refer to the groups, and their teachings, as in other attempts to decode our ancient history and how they have chosen to talk about it. Not because I have used their information in my work.

With that said..... let us move on. We have bridges to build between everyday sciences and the sciences of the future.......

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