FAQs to the Work

The Most Important Questions to the Progression Work

So, how are we – as the sprouting future citizens of the systemic-energetic sciences – going to administer the burdens of the past, the other-dimensionals and the lost chances of our original purpose and direction?

Well, all first steps to recovery are to acknowledge what we are, how we behave, and what our true desires are. We must see things as they truly are and what we have become. Mourn the loss, accept the deeds, accept what we have done to push it so far – completely out of balance and far from our original intent and purpose – and then take responsibility.

We must take on the task of “reforming” and reconstructing what we are, from a psychosocial level to a systemic-energetic level, working to transform who we are, how we are around others and how we administer the natural resources of our planet.

Because, as things are now, we have failed in all prior attempts on this planet. Sometimes by the doing of other, but mostly by our own doings. Because no matter what others do, or do not do, we are solely responsible for the way we respond to these incoming challenges and how we react to what others do. This are the first steps to take.

Questions and Their Most Common Answers

Why Do I get Tired, When I Listen to Your Material?

The tiredness is often energetic dissonance between what is taught and what type of energy, the brain is accustomed to utilize to form and process information.

Or it can be energetic parasites trying to shut you down. They activate due to the high energy in my material and to protect themselves, they release enzymes (electrochemical substances) to make you feel either tired (the most effective) or off somehow. 


I explain this in the AIT Advanced Energy Courses 1-4. A good idea is also to do the HAL Basic 4D & HAL Advanced 5D Energy Work Courses.


The minimum to make the HAL Progression Sciences work is the HAL Basic 4D & HAL Advanced 5D Energy Work Courses, where you take up the discipline of daily clearing work – which you then have to do for the rest of your life, so to speak. The reason for this is also explained in the AIT AEC 1-4.


There is a lot to catch up with and it is a full time study just to understand the new frames of reference to work from, but you can also invent your own system by asking your body the how to and what it needs to function most optimally.

Should I do a HAL Energy System Assessment First?

Naturally, if you want the HAL ESA before the deeper understanding of the system, I work within, then it is up to you. However, to get the full benefit from it, I recommend the 4th cycle Progression Work Sciences to back it up. They go together in tandem.


However, I have made the HAL ESA in a format that explains how it is to be understood and perhaps knowing the first layers (because that is all I can read) of your energy system, might be helpful. It depends how well you can utilize it in energy work, and if you have already had some inner experiences that then can get some context.

Instead, I recommend doing the HAL Personal Start Up Program first.

What is the Difference Between the 2nd & 3rd Cycle Energies?

In short, the infection is related to the timeline event and the merging of the worn-out 3rd cycle energies imbued with old 3rd cycle technology, scattered and incoherent. This hit our reality field in the 1-7 cycle and got reactivated in the times of Atlantis, which means:


The infectious energies from the timeline event are connected to the bio-field  since this was hit the 17- pillar as the first wave. In the 1-7 pillar we developed, and learned to master the energies of our organic vessel, the new energy system and the different domain configurations under control. The infection alters the mind field, and turn the perception field dark, that is, from being under the Principles, it turns into service to self orientation or “ill-mindedness.” It reconfigures the template level and turn the energy units into 3rd cycle dark units. So, infection is energy alteration and darkening of the light codes


I talk about this in the book Souls of Humanity, the HAL Philosophy book as well as in the Perception Logs, if you need more background information.


The contamination energies developed within the 2-8 pillar amongst the mammal races (as described in the Restoring the Planetary Soul book) after the infection had hit the 1-7 pillar races. It kind of jumped via sharing of fields and technology which is why we coined it contamination (of fields and technology). This breaks down the gene code of the LPU energy system and vessels, and initiate the regression dynamics. Thus contamination is the breaking down of the organic gene codes behind the vessel, turning it into a lesser state of existence such as insectoid, avian, reptoid and mammal.

Questions to the HAL Progression Work?

Please write me an email, if you have questions to the HAL Progression Work Courses or the HAL Academy.